Hooters Hotel Pool

Las Vegas is one of the hottest vacation spots in the United States. Unfortunately, its desert location also makes it very hot temperature-wise. If you want to keep your cool in the desert, head for the hotels with excellent Las Vegas pools.

Given that the Hooters concept is based on beach culture, the architects of the Hooters Las Vegas paid special attention to the design of the Hooters Beach club and swimming pool. In order to stay in concert with the beach themes of Hooters Restaurants, the Tropical Pool area at the Hooters Las Vegas features beach sand, palm trees, lagoon-style waterfall and cabanas. You can swim up to the bar for a cool drink, while Reggae, Jimmy Buffet and Island music plays in the background. The Hooters pool area at the Hooters Hotel and Casino is three times the size of the original pool at the San Remo Hotel. This makes the pool at the Hooters Hotel and Casino one of the larger Las Vegas pools. It also has a distinct advantage over the other hotel pools; the Hooters pool will have the Hooters Girls serving the guests.

The Nipper’s Pool Bar features live acoustical reggae music with steel pan drums. Groups will perform your favorite sing-along songs from Jimmy Buffet to Bob Marley, while the lovely Hooters Girls, dressed in bikinis and sarongs, serve you your drinks. Weather permitting; these performances take place Wednesday through Saturday from noon till 8 p.m. The Nipper bar serves all sorts of exotic, tropical drinks, including their specialty drink called the “Nipper Juice.” You can also enjoy delicious fresh sushi at the Bait Shoppe restaurant, which is located near the pool.

Since looking at the buff bodies of the Hooters Girls will probably inspire you to workout, the Hooters Las Vegas will have a spa and fitness center, located near the Hooters Pool. After a great workout, head to the spa for a massage, a beauty treatment or a new hairdo!

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