Hoover Dam History

When considering the Hoover Dam facts, it is striking how many man hours went into creating this engineering marvel. During the Great Depression, the dam-named for President Herbert Hoover-provided much-needed work to 21,000 men in desperate need of jobs. The wages of 50 cents to 1.25 left plenty of money in the 1930s to discover the Las Vegas nightlife in the newly growing town. Hoover Dam history is closely tied to the history of Las Vegas. They're only 30 miles apart and the oasis on the desert couldn't have grown so large without the water and power provided by the Hoover Dam.

From the beginning, the Hoover Dam was designed to provide power to desert communities. Even today, communities in Arizona, Las Vegas, and California receive power from the dam. The Colorado River and Lake Mead provide the natural elements, and the ingenious design of the dam completes the picture. The dam is so amazing that the American Society of Civil Engineers has declared Hoover Dam as one of the Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders.

Here are some other interesting Hoover Dam facts. The dam is 726 feet tall, which makes it twice as tall as the Luxor Casino and nearly 200 feet taller than the Washington Monument. The curved concrete is 660 feet wide at the bottom and 45 feet wide at the top. On Hoover Dam tours, you can see the engineering marvel up close and learn the story behind the project that unfolded from 1931 to 1936, as well as see the interior of this impressive structure.

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