JW Marriott

Pool at the JW Marriott
Pool at the JW Marriott

The JW Marrriott Las Vegas Resort, Spa and Golf encompasses two sprawling, luxurious towers that happen to house the largest rooms of any hotel in the city. Even among the big names in Vegas—The Bellagio, Caesar's, Mandalay Bay—not one of them match the typical room here. The fanciest of the Las Vegas hotels off the strip, the Marriott is set up for the visitor who prefers relaxation to the clubs and bars on the strip; those who don't mind dropping hundreds of dollars for private rooms or a prime tee time at the adjacent golf course. The Marriott is also located in close proximity to many other fine Las Vegas golf courses, such as the Desert Pines and the Badlands courses.

Weddings at the JW Marriott
Weddings at the JW Marriott

The idea of going to Vegas to "get away from it all" is a bit strange in theory, but the charter member of the Marriott Hotels in Las Vegas makes it entirely possible. This hotel is the Vegas equivalent of an exclusive country club, where you go to mix with the elite members of society, those who dismiss the flash of the strip as gaudy and unnecessary. As you can probably guess then, the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, Spa and Golf is populated by a slightly older, more refined crowd. Sophistication is the key to this hotel, and would be dreadfully out of place next door to the Flamingo or other main Vegas hotel. With walls of subtle tans and yellows behind cherry wood furniture, the tries to distance itself from the tawdriness that seems just below the surface of the majority of the Vegas strip hotels. Another of the more unique and atmospheric features of the hotel is its dedication to soft lighting in the hallways that lead to the luxurious guest rooms. It's an idiosyncratic touch that keeps with the distinguished look of the hotel, and helps to explain its popularity with the older, well-off retirees that tend to stay here. Even the Marriott's nightclub, Plush, is ultra-refined.

One thing you can only get with one of the Las Vegas Hotels off the strip is quick access to the exquisite golf course, and the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort makes no secret of this fact. Thus, this hotel is a must for those who wish to mix in a little sport with their gambling, and don't want to stray to far from their home base, though many other great golf courses are just a short cab ride away.

For all the effort placed on looking its best, the food and casino at the JW Marriott are surprisingly unassuming. Though they feature the normal steakhouse, Italian eatery, and the usual buffet offerings, the best option is an Irish breakfast at J.C. Wooloughan; as you might expect, it also has a bountiful selection of beer. It might not have the best food of all the Las Vegas hotels off the strip, but it sure is close.

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