Lake Of Dreams

The Wynn Casino is hardly the first hotel you think of when it comes to free entertainment, but the Wynn Resort Lake of Dreams Show is just that. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, the production employs thousands of underwater LED fixtures to construct a show that combines color and water with remarkable results, making the Wynn Las Vegas Lake of Dreams one of the casino's premier attractions.

Like the fountains at the Bellagio, or the famed pirate ship at Treasure Island, the Lake Show at the Wynn has become synonymous with free shows along the Strip. The only difference is the Lake of Dreams is actually inside the casino, with bars and viewing points located throughout the hotel to watch the show from. The best of these is the Parasol Up bar, where you can enjoy a number of fine cocktails while watching the water and color collide below as the accompanying music swells along with the fountains and dancing puppets that also populate the show. It begins every hour on the hour, so if you are staying at the Wynn, the show will be pretty hard to miss, while those staying at competing hotels can simply mull around one of the finest casinos on the strip as you await the Lake Show at the Wynn. Or you can grab something to eat at one of the Wynn restaurants that offer a full view of the free show.

Putting the Wynn Resort Lake of Dreams show just inside the hotel was done exclusively to bring in more tourists. Unlike other aspects of the hotel, this one does not disappoint. When you first venture into the Wynn lobby, you can only glimpse the backside of the Wynn Las Vegas Lake of Dreams. A tree-covered mountain dominates the view, and as you pass into the main area, the lush peak overlooks a series of lazy waterfalls and refined lagoons.

The Lake itself is three acres in volume. When the Wynn Resort Lake of Dreams show is not on, the water lies still, tranquil. Gentle streams trickle towards the lake. Outside of the Conservatory and Botanical gardens in the Bellagio or the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, few places seem further withdrawn from the glittering lights of Vegas. At least, until the shows starts. The music begins, the waters begin to surge, and the spectacle starts in earnest. Soon, the Lake Show at the Wynn will dutifully remind you right where you are: a place where even nature bends to the whimsy of glitz and flashy lights.

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