Las Vegas Adult Show

Las Vegas is synonymous with the image of the showgirl. In the tradition of the French Burlesque, you can always find a Las Vegas adult show that has a plethora of show girls parading (often topless) in some of the glitziest and most impressive costumes around.

Las Vegas Adult Show - Crazy Horse
Las Vegas Adult Show - Crazy Horse

More of the classy burlesque shows include the ongoing Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand which has been ongoing since 2001. This Las Vegas adult show is billed as "a celebration of the artistry of the nude". The production has beautiful female dancers revealing their nearly nude bodies as canvases upon which light, colors and images are projected in this unique Vegas adult show. There is also Folies Bergere at the Tropicana and the sensual Zumanity Cirque du Soleil show at the New York New York Hotel and Casino.

For the ladies, another Vegas adult show that has been ongoing for at least a decade is the Chippendales show at the Chippendale's Theatre inside the Rio Casino Hotel. In this Las Vegas adult show you can find scores of muscular hunks who dance, strip and perform exciting routines with the audience members. Ladies night out? This is the best Ladies only adult show in Vegas. Other all male adult shows in Las Vegas are at the Stratosphere, Planet Hollywood and the Excalibur.

Several casinos also offer the more x-rated Las Vegas adult show, like Crazy Girls at the Riviera. This show is not for the weak at heart, and it is the closest you will get to a strip club on a Casino stage. There is also the ongoing X-Burlesque that is a Las Vegas adult show said to cater to every X-rated fantasy a man could have. Off the strip, another x-rated Las Vegas Adult show is the Broadway style production of Fashionistas ongoing at the Empire Ballroom. There is even the odd Vegas adult show featuring female vampires, "Bite" at the Stratosphere.

If the casino shows don't thrill you there are plenty an adult show in Las Vegas at the local strip clubs. Long known for its adult entertainment Las Vegas has many famous strip clubs to take in the traditional adult entertainment, primarily for men.

Whatever the case if you want to take in an adult show in Las Vegas, make sure you check with the ticket seller to get exact details on the content. Some x-rated shows are said no to be very graphic and not for the weak constitution.

Whatever the case, with all the tantalizing adult shows in Las Vegas, you're sure to find one that will satisfy your taste in the famous "sin city" that doesn't sleep. If you're looking for something a little more G rated then check out the list of Las Vegas shows.

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