Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas

Sorry, Amazing Johnathan has ended his 13 year run in Las Vegas. Check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:

Harmon Theater
Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

This increasingly popular Las Vegas magic show is a wonder to see. More dedicated to comedy than magic, despite the nickname "The Freddy Krueger of Magic," the Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas show is non-stop laughs, often at the expense of your fellow audience members.

The comedy of Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas borders on the cruel, whether his target is his beautiful-but-dim "assistant" the Psychic Tanya, assorted audience members, or even the magician himself, but it's a perfect addition to a vacation here. Let's be honest—traveling to Vegas can be an exercise in masochism, so why not round it out with a trip to see this Las Vegas magic show?

Like Conan O'Brien, whose schtick might be most effective when his jokes fail miserably, a Vegas Amazing Johnathan show is funniest when the magic doesn't go so well. One of the show's funniest bits is when the magician brings a volunteer onto the stage, rips a $20 in half and then uses all the tricks in his arsenal to try to reconnect the bill.

Though a Vegas Amazing Johnathan show gets a lot of press for being "politically incorrect" or "edgy," it's really no worse than you would see on cable television—in fact, a large percentage of the cast would not be out of place at one of the "family" acts such as Mac King. The only real strike against children in the audience is the occasionally foul-mouthed magician. But the Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas show is legitimately funny, with enough magic peppered throughout a performance to keep audiences of all ages entertained. Even if a Las Vegas magic show is not your cup of tea, the Amazing Johnathan will keep you laughing through the night, long after you leave the cozy confines of the Harmon Theater at Planet Hollywood.

Running each week, Friday through Tuesday, the Las Vegas Amazing Johnathan show shouldn't be missed, and is reasonably priced for the city, with tickets only running you around $60 (depending on if you want to spring for VIP seating or not).

Artist Biography

The Detroit-born comedian first came into the spotlight during the "Eighth Annual Young Comedians Show" in 1983. The comedian, whose real name is John Edward Szeles, immediately became well known for his off-kilter stage antics and edgy insult-tinged jokes. His embrace of magic didn't come until later, but he did it in style — mostly known for his incorporation of guts and gore into his tricks, he also based his act on his love of practical jokes, even going so far as to author a book called "Every Trick in the Book," which is a consistently entertaining read, even for those uninterested in the nuances of pulling pranks on your friends.

Before the Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas show came to Las Vegas, the comedian's biggest coup was performing his own hour-long special for Comedy Central, aptly entitled: "The Amazing Jonathan: Wrong on Every Level," which found him accelerating from cult-status as he performed for his largest audience to date. Years of practice have paid off, though, and the Amazing Johnathan Las Vegas shows have become one the most popular and entertaining Las Vegas shows.

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