Anthony Cools Las Vegas

Show Type:
Magic Show

The Anthony Cools Experience
Paris Las Vegas
3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Anthony Cools in Las Vegas
Anthony Cools in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas shows, Anthony Cools is the first and last name in the field of hypnosis. For years he has brought his particular brand of showmanship, comedy and risqué behavior to his trade, garnering him a cult following that is not often attributed to a mere hypnotist.

That's because, however, the Anthony Cools Las Vegas show is about more than just hypnotism. It's his attitude that continues to bring in customers to his own showroom six nights a week — we've likely all seen a hypnotist or two in our lives, but until you've witnessed someone at one of Anthony Cools Las Vegas shows, you're only scraping the surface. The usual buzzwords clutter ads for Anthony Cools Hypnosis show: uncensored, extreme, suggestive. And while that might be slight hyperbole (even though it's Vegas, there are still rules), the Anthony Cools Las Vegas how is really like no other.

Few hypnotists are able (or willing to, perhaps) push the envelope like this guy. For those under Anthony Cools hypnosis, the limit to what you might do is endless. Whether it is romancing inanimate objects (or equally hypnotized volunteers), making lewd phone calls to friends and family, or stripping down to their underwear, Anthony Cools hypnosis skills can break down anyone's inhibitions.

And this outrageous behavior is just the norm for any Vegas Anthony Cools show — perhaps it's the atmosphere of the city that gets guests to so willingly volunteer, and to get so out of control, or maybe it's just another testament to the surprising power of hypnosis. Or maybe it's just his natural humor and excellent timing that makes him the only hypnotist working a major Vegas venue. Whatever the reason, it brings in plenty of paying customers and has allowed Cools to get his name on his own showroom at the Paris. The Vegas Anthony Cools show runs at 9 on everyday but Wednesday, with two shows at 8 and 10 on Saturdays.

Artist Biography

The seeds of the Vegas Anthony Cools show were planted in his native Canada, where Cools studied the practice of hypnosis, for years, helping thousands overcome personal fears, quit smoking, and other behavioral problems. He also spent his hours managing a nightclub in the mid 90s. Seeing that the place needed an extra draw, Cools combined his two professions and began a hypnotism night at the club as an experiment to draw additional customers.

It started as a modest little performance, but Cools immediately drew rave reviews for his slick shows. Before long he was traveling all across North America, bringing his unique style to yearlong show dates all across the continent. Performing nightly at the Paris casino has only helped his show, and gives him a huge cast from which to choose his next (willing) victim.

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