Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Your best friend breaks the news that he's going to tie the knot and you have the honor of being best man. After the early signs of shock set in, and you finally succumb to the idea that you won't have the partner in crime you once had, you realize that it's time to plan the best Las Vegas bachelor party the city has ever seen! Bachelor parties in Vegas can be planned around some of the best entertainment making party planning fun instead of a chore. Getting out of the city is the best way to go unnoticed while partying hard for your pal's last few nights of freedom. And remember the popular adage and the absolute perfect phrase for a Vegas bachelor party; "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

Las Vegas Party
Las Vegas Party

Since planning a Vegas bachelor party is your mission because you chose to accept it, you have some work to do. First you need to figure out how many people will be in the group. Second, you need to book one of the excellent Las Vegas hotels for accommodations during your journey of debauchery. Choosing a popular hotel casino will ensure that nightlife will abound and there will be things to do in Las Vegas 24/7 that can be easily reached from your hotel room.

Planning entertainment for the daytime is easy. If the guys are golfers, choose one of the many great golf courses in the area and book your tee off time well ahead. Other day time events in Las Vegas, before your legendary Vegas bachelor party begins, could include a trip to the Las Vegas Motorway to take in a testosterone-fueled car race. You can tour around downtown Las Vegas during the daylight hours and check out Old Vegas. You could also head off for some wild outdoor sports, but let's face it, if a Las Vegas bachelor party was the final decision that means you'll be partying until the cows come home, not camping or white water rafting!

Nightlife in Vegas is some of the best around and you need to focus on what you'll be doing at night. The Las Vegas Strip will be your oyster for the killer night out. You can play it by ear because there is definitely plenty to do, but a plan bodes well for non-stop entertainment during a Las Vegas bachelor party without humming and hawing over what the group should do next. Pick a few of the major casinos you want to visit because no bachelor parties in Vegas are complete without some hardcore gambling. When you're part of a bachelor party Vegas seems to be even more exciting then usual, probably because everyone knows that everything will be pushed to the limit!

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a great place for bachelor parties in Vegas. The trendy young crowd is great for those possibly single guys that came along. The surroundings are swank, people are beautiful and the cocktails and beer flow endlessly. The Hard Rock is a great place to gamble and party with lots going on every night. Mandalay Bay is also great for a complete list of all things you'll need. Booze, a huge pool surrounded by bikini-clad beauties, lots of different bars, terrific, hearty food a massive casino and The House of Blues which is action-packed every night of the week. The poker room is big and the sports book is even bigger.

You can opt to have your entire bachelor party catered for you if you're not up to the challenge of organizing it yourself. For a complete bachelor party Vegas professionals will take care of every little detail so you can concentrate on what you do best, having the time of your life! You can have dinner arrangements taken care of, VIP passes arranged at the hottest nightclubs like Rain at the Palms Hotel or Tao, receive preferential treatment while gaming, enjoy limousine service and gentlemen's club all under the careful watch of someone else. This is the pricey option.

During your bachelor party Vegas strip clubs will likely come into the picture. There are plenty of options in Sin City. There is a host of classy strip clubs but there are also seedy ones so do your research! If you definitely want the groom to enjoy the sensual pleasures of an entertainer, but want to keep it extra classy, head to one of the seductive Las Vegas burlesque shows. Treasure Island has a sexy, nightly revue as does the Flamingo. The shows are perfect for getting your kicks without feeling any guilt. Burlesque is an art form! That's all you need to remember.

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