Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

When your best friend tells you she's getting hitched to her main man, and all the crying and gushing is over, it'll be time to think seriously about planning for a bachelorette party. Thoughts of a weekend getaway run rampant because after all, the best way to live it up during your last days of being single is to party out of town. If you're thinking about how you can plan a wild bachelorette party, fret no more. A Las Vegas bachelorette party is top of the list for the most exciting all-girl getaway. It will take some planning, unless you opt for a one of the great Las Vegas bachelorette party packages, but once you get there all you have left to do is enjoy!

Get your girlfriends together and settle on a final number. Decide on one of the Las Vegas hotels, preferably right on the Las Vegas Strip where the action is, and book the rooms. Be sure to look out for hotel promotional codes to get some of the best deals available. Excalibur offers great rates and has everything you need for a memorable Las Vegas bachelorette party. The girls will love the terrific casino, awesome bars, excellent dining and the incredible pool, perfect for some pre wedding gossip. Mandalay Bay is another great choice and the best part is it's situated on an 11-acre property. A sandy, tropical beach and a lazy river are great for floating down while you sip a fruity cocktail enjoying the scenery, hopefully of the muscle-bound variety! The excellent variety of bars is another great perk.

Once you've settled in, they'll be time to kill before the wild bachelorette party begins. A little down time can be much appreciated by the bride who might like to just chat with her girlfriends. Consider taking one of the sightseeing tours available and check out some Las Vegas attractions. Or opt for a languid morning or afternoon at the spa. The relaxing environment provides a good place for exchanging advice or just being silly before the Las Vegas bachelorette party kicks off.

If you're a poor planner or don't have the time, Las Vegas bachelorette party packages can offer a huge weight off your back. You can find bachelorette party packs in every variety and in every combination. You can arrange a custom package where the group chooses the events in Las Vegas they want to experience and arrangements are all taken care of for you. Other Las Vegas bachelorette party packages offer VIP passes to the most exclusive nightclubs in the city with preferential treatment and full of the hottest people around! Hotel reservations, dinner reservations, club passes, tickets to the latest Las Vegas shows and more will all be taken care of for you, down to the very last details.

Prior to the wild bachelorette party you'll want to make sure that everyone is well fed. There is no better place for a terrific bargain then one of the mouth-watering Las Vegas buffets. Dining at one of the buffets ensures everyone, even vegetarians, will fill up on something they'll love. After dinner the real fun begins. It will be due time to start some serious gaming and see where lady luck might take you. Try the Luxor or head over to the Palms. Try out some gaming at the Hard Rock and enjoy some of the most trendy and modern surroundings around.

For some, a Las Vegas bachelorette party wouldn't be complete without some hunks, preferably not fully clothed! There are lots of good places to put your wild bachelorette party to the test. One of the notable shows for male entertainment is Sin City Strippers. The male revue is racy, sexy and guarantees a hot night out for the girls. The exotic performers are some of the most buff, talented and handsome in the industry, perfect for a bachelorette party. Another great choice is the Thunder From Down Under male revue at the Excalibur. This might be more your groups style as the show is excitingly interactive and sexy! Incredibly entertaining with promises of providing "ultimate girls night out", it's sure to one really wild bachelorette party!

No matter what activities you choose for a Las Vegas bachelorette party, your group is guaranteed to have lots of fun. There is such a huge variety of things to do in Las Vegas that there's literally something for everyone. From tame to ridiculously wild and outrageous, they'll be plenty of things going on to keep your group occupied and having a blast!

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