Las Vegas Burlesque Shows

The tradition of burlesque goes far back in history and is regaining popularity over its more exhausted counterpart, the striptease. Subversive and primordial, Las Vegas burlesque shows are a gentlemen's choice in Las Vegas shows. Burlesque shows in Las Vegas offer a clear look into what's so appealing about the art of seduction. They offer a truer likeness of many women who carry on the custom of this beguiling art form. Fleshy, contemptuous and extremely easy on the eyes, Las Vegas burlesque is a welcome alternative to the more risqué performances on the Las Vegas Strip.

Forty Deuce is one of the most popular nightclubs featuring racy Las Vegas burlesque each night of the week. Ivan Kane is the man behind the successful venue and the one who keeps the talent fresh and the lights low. Some of the best Las Vegas burlesque dancers shimmy their way around the club performing for men and women who are curious about this once dying trend. Situated inside Mandalay Bay the soulful and steamy shows exhibit the old-world glamour of Hollywood.

Inside the intimate surroundings the lights drop and small lamps dimly light up the wood paneled bar. This is one of the best Las Vegas burlesque shows and has some hidden surprises for the crowd. Sexy sax music is featured in each show Wednesday and Friday through Sunday. Get ready for a unique Rock n' Roll burlesque show on Tuesday.

The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino showcases Las Vegas burlesque talent sure to please crowds. The cabaret-style burlesque of the 1920s is sweetened by a number of sensual sirens performing in the club. This is old burlesque with a new Vegas twist. The burlesque shows in Las Vegas are normally a bit longer than others, so if you only want a taste then this is the place to be. Tangerine burlesque acts are featured from Thursday through Saturday at 9:00pm and 10:00pm and last for fifteen minutes only.

For more burlesque events in Las Vegas head over the Flamingo Cabaret inside the Flamingo Las Vegas. X Burlesque is the featured show where innovative props, fiery choreography and six stunning dancers make for an evening of lusty entertainment. The troupe of talented Las Vegas burlesque dancers include women who are classically coached for steamy numbers. The Second City Theater plays host to the show in a 180-seat locale where a lot of close encounters with dancers make the show a hit.

On either side of the stage inside the Flamingo Cabaret large video screens exhibit seductive coverage and introduce each vignette. Highlighted by popular music from Broadway to rock and roll, every taste is accounted for. This Las Vegas burlesque show is one of the best in Sin City and showcases the one-of-a-kind talents of each dancer. Pudgy, known as The Queen of Tease is the true star of the show and has entertained audiences in many Las Vegas shows over the years. Coaxing audience members on stage and providing a comical aspect to the show, she's definitely a favorite and well-versed in the art.

Las Vegas burlesque shows such as the Pussycat Dolls and the featured burlesque dancers in the Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend continue on and attract the naturally curious. Though the "golden age of burlesque" has long since past, a newer, hipper version has replaced it yet maintained the paramount elements. Once linked to seedy revues and even seedier venues, burlesque shows in Las Vegas hold onto classic portrayals of the art form. From the 1800s through to current day, burlesque still grips audiences with seduction, sensuality and comedy.

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