Las Vegas Bus Tours

For many tourists planning a vacation to Las Vegas, a historical or geographical tour of the surrounding area is a great way to take a break from the busy strip and see another side of the region. Las Vegas bus tours are an excellent way to do just that, and are often among the most affordable tours available in Las Vegas. Las Vegas bus tours can include excursions to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Red Rocks, area ghost towns, or even a night tour of the neon lights of the Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Bus Tours

One of the most popular choices for tours is the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours are available through most bus tour companies, and pick up from your Las Vegas hotel will usually be complementary. Some Las Vegas bus tours also combine a bus tour with a helicopter tour of the canyon itself. Lunch is included in most Las Vegas bus tours to the Grand Canyon.

With most companies, a tour of the Grand Canyon will begin early in the morning, and guests will be picked up from their hotel by bus. From the hotel, travel to the canyon will include snacks, lunch, and stops for picture taking and time spent viewing the canyon itself. Most tours will also make a stop at the Hoover Dam for pictures.

Las Vegas Bus Tours to Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is yet another popular destination for a Las Vegas bus tour. While some tours of the Grand Canyon will also include tours of Hoover Dam, shorter tours will travel exclusively to Hoover Dam and sections of Lake Mead. Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the world, and spreads behind Hoover Dam. A collection of wildlife and other interesting sites make the bus tour Las Vegas offers through Lake Mead and Hoover Dam beautiful.

Bus Tours Las Vegas to Oatman Mine

Bus tours to the Oatman Mine include a trip along Route 66 past a number of old western ghost towns. Guided walking tours are generally provided through the various ghost towns, as well as walking tours through actual gold mines. Stops along the Colorado River and picnic or buffet lunches are usually included.

Tours to the Oatman Mine will make stops along the route for pictures, snacks, and walking opportunities. Guests will generally be picked up from their specific hotel in the early morning hours and be returned in the evening as part of the tour.

Bus Tours Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon

One of the most impressive geographical collections of rock can be found at Red Rock Canyon. Stretching for miles in every direction, a unique collection of endemic species and gorgeous topographical features make a tour of Red Rock unforgettable. Lunch in the Red Rock Canyon is provided for bus tours.

Las Vegas City Neon Night Bus Tour

A tour of the Strip by night and views from various vantage points are included in this tour. Many night tours take guests to the Stratosphere Tower, the neon Fremont Street Experience, the Rio Carnival in the sky, past the fountains at Bellagio, and more. For tourists hoping to view the lights of Las Vegas without all the walking, a bus tour of the city by night can be the perfect opportunity.

Although Las Vegas is famous for the shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife that characterize the Strip, there are plenty of things to see outside the city limits. Tours of the surrounding area by bus can be the perfect way to add some nature or history to your Las Vegas adventure.

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