Las Vegas Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention Center is located on the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip. The Convention Center in Las Vegas is a meeting place for business, a gathering place for conferences and even a frequently used spot for expos and shows. The Las Vegas Convention Center can be rented by businesses or companies as a whole, or the individual buildings may be rented to use for smaller conferences or events. The Las Vegas Convention Center Calendar is posted on the official website for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The original Las Vegas Convention Center opened on April 29th, 1959, in the same spot as the current Convention Center in Las Vegas. Due to the growth of the Vegas Strip and the entire Las Vegas area, plans to expand the Convention Center in Las Vegas began in 1998. Before constructing the new Las Vegas Convention Center, however, the old Landmark Hotel and Casino was purchased and imploded, an event that drew many visitors and guests. More expansions were to follow, as the Convention Center in Las Vegas grew with more add-ons in 2004 and 2005. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department substation was the final addition to the convention center.

Today, the Las Vegas Convention Center is a complex of buildings that can be used for a myriad of meetings, events, shows and expos. The Las Vegas Convention Center calendar is a handy way for meeting planners to look at possible ways and times to schedule an event with the center. Proposals for possible events can even be submitted on the Las Vegas Convention Center calendar site to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The Convention Center in Las Vegas is located next to the Hilton and is one of the stops on the Las Vegas Monorail, making it a convenient location on the Strip. Guests traveling to the convention center for a meeting or show can also spend time touring the Strip by hopping on the monorail. The TI, Caesars, Bellagio can be a quick, air-conditioned ride away from the Convention Center. Granted, they'll be a bit of walking to get across the street at the various stations but it beats walkin in the heat. Heading in the opposite direction, travelers can take the monorail to the Sahara station to check out the far end of the Strip.

Whether you are a meeting planner hoping to plan an event at the Convention Center or a guest who might like to investigate an expo or explore a show, the Convention Center is conveniently located and an impressive structure. For meetings of almost any kind, and particularly meetings of the larger sort, the Las Vegas Convention Center is an excellent choice. Meeting attendees and guests will never have a hard time locating a place to stay or something to do after the meeting when the meeting is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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