Las Vegas Conventions

Las Vegas is the epicenter of worldwide convention destinations. More than 6 million Las Vegas conventions and trade shows are hosted in Las Vegas each year, making the city the frontrunner for meetings, conferences, trade shows, and conventions. There is simply no North American city that accommodates businesses and organizations as ideally as Las Vegas can. The billions of dollars generated from trade shows, meetings, and conferences in Las Vegas, added to incredible gaming revenues yielded by Las Vegas casinos and other city attractions, exemplifies an extremely ambitious and successful business model.

There are thousands of conventions in Las Vegas held by many prominent organizations and world-class businesses. Even small, lesser-known businesses take advantage of the city's best attributes, planning meetings for both employees, existing clients, and potential clients. The number one reason for this is the vast amount of square footage-and the slew of excellent business services-dedicated to Las Vegas meetings. Almost ten million square feet of space has accumulated over the years throughout the city's many casinos, events spaces, and other places dedicated to a host of assemblies. The Las Vegas Convention Center is a definite leader in conferences in Las Vegas, accommodating thousands of people gathering for Las Vegas conventions and other meetings, offering a massive amount of space for convention attendees.

Renowned Mandalay Bay catapulted itself onto the list of much-desired places for conferences in Las Vegas when it opened it's 1.5 million-square-foot convention center in 2003. Each month there are dozens upon dozens of conventions in Las Vegas, from veterinary conferences to medical conventions to tech shows like the CES. Thousands of hotel rooms offered at prominent Las Vegas hotels and casinos like the Four Seasons, the Venetian Hotel, and the Bellagio welcome business travelers from all over the world, the whole year through.

Another excellent perk of all these many conventions in Las Vegas is the ability for business travelers to entertain clients throughout the city. The wide variety of attractions and entertainment available both day and night offer business travelers a unique opportunity to provide clients with a memorable yet professional experience while attending meetings, conventions, and conferences. Golf courses, spas, tours, bars, and nightclubs provide several avenues for entertaining clients. There is virtually an ideal entertainment choice for every type of business client to occupy any downtime between functions and meetings.

Anyone attending conventions in Las Vegas will find that access to the city is both affordable and convenient. Whether staying at hotels where Las Vegas conventions are hosted, or staying nearby along the Strip, convention and meeting attendees will find getting from A to B almost effortless. The complimentary shuttle traveling between the seven Harrah's properties makes getting around a breeze. The Las Vegas Monorail provides yet another way to easily navigate between the city's hot spots, which include The Convention Center and many major hotel casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Combined with the excellent value both small and large groups receive through myriad deals, vouchers and generally low hotel room rates, Las Vegas is a winner on the convention circuit. World-class dining found all around Las Vegas is just another major benefit to anyone attending Las Vegas conventions, no matter what time of year. Superb Las Vegas buffets offer business travelers an excellent and efficient way to recharge between meetings while enjoying exemplary cuisine. World-class restaurants are a terrific way to conduct business in a more casual setting. The City of Lights has become synonymous with many things and in an almost surprising twist, is now on the forefront in the world of conferences and conventions, showing yet another noteworthy angle of the city's many illustrious sides.

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