Las Vegas Day Trip

Unlike any other city in the world, Las Vegas day trips offer travelers the chance to gamble at all hours of the day and night, take in one of the world's best shows, and appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon, all within the span of 24 hours. Both cheap trips to Las Vegas and more extravagant Las Vegas trips are filled with fun and memorable things to do. Some Las Vegas travel tips for enjoying the Strip, as well as some Las Vegas travel tips for enjoying the surrounding city can be found below.

Las Vegas day trips on the Monorail

The monorail in Las Vegas runs a convenient course along the Strip. Whether you plan to shop, gamble, or see some of the attractions that line this concrete stretch, the monorail is a great way to save your legs and still see much of what the Strip has to offer. Unlimited day passes are available, which will allow guests to hop on and off the monorail throughout the day. One of the best things about visiting Las Vegas is the extended hours of operation. Casinos, shops and restaurants usually close for just a few hours, if at all, and travelers with just a day to spend in Las Vegas can rise early and go to bed late, enjoying the convenience of flexible hours.

The Fremont Street Experience

Although much of what makes the Fremont Street Experience such a treat can best be enjoyed at night, there are also lots of things to do here during the day. Las Vegas day trips spent on Fremont Street can start with breakfast in one of the many cafes or hotel breakfast buffets in Fremont. From there, you can spend the day relaxing, shopping, strolling, or even gambling. Ten casinos line Freemont Street, more than enough to entertain gamblers for an afternoon. Once the sun sets, however, you will want to be sure to set aside time for the famous Lightshow that happens each night. Not only is the show appreciated by millions of cheering audience members each year, but the entire show is free. Spend the evening strolling about the area under the lights.

Stratosphere Thrill Rides

Spend the day riding the Stratosphere Thrill Rides. The rides are open from 10 am to midnight daily, and tourists can purchase both day passes and tickets for individual rides.

Adventure Las Vegas Trips

In addition to the traditional Las Vegas pursuits of drinking and gambling, many travelers plan Las Vegas trips to enjoy the stunning natural beauty found just a short drive from the city. Day trips from Las Vegas can include visits to the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Red Rocks and more. Since many tour buses actually leave from Fremont Street before heading for one of these destinations, a possible day trip might combine the fun of the outdoors by day, and finish with the lights of the Fremont Street Experience at night. If you plan to make the drive to one of these great locations yourself by rental car, be sure to get up early and enjoy a Las Vegas breakfast before heading out into the open.

Cheap trips to Las Vegas

Although many tourists associate Las Vegas with high rollers and spending plenty of cash, there are also a surprisingly high number of totally free attractions in Las Vegas. A traveler could easily fill an entire day, in fact, enjoying cheap trips to Las Vegas via the many free attractions. To get the most out of the Strip, you may want to buy a monorail pass, but it is also perfectly acceptable to walk, though with more than a mile of sun beaten concrete to cover, the walk is not for the faint of heart. You can tour Hard Rock Café (or stop there for lunch), check out the Hilton Wildlife habitat, take a picture of the volcano at the Mirage, take in the Bellagio Fountain show, or see the lions at the MGM Grand.

Seeing Las Vegas in a day can be an enormous task. Las Vegas travel tips will generally advise that you choose just one plan and stick with it, and avoid wearing yourself out trying to see too much.

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