Las Vegas ExpoCenter

Not content with combining just the Delano, Mondrian and Shangri-La hotels together, Resorts World will also include the sprawling Las Vegas ExpoCenter. Other casinos have always placed convention space inside their enclosures, but never to this extent, which is why it required a building all its own. The entire complex is advertised as the convergence of purpose and escape, and while most of the rest of the city is the latter, the ExpoCenter in Las Vegas will do its best to cover the former. Two levels of exhibition, meeting and conference space are Resorts World's ExpoCenter's main selling points, resulting in the largest convention area in the whole city. The exhibition space will cover 650,000 square feet over the two levels, while the square footage for the meeting and conference space will be just over half that. There will be over 200 meeting rooms in all at the Las Vegas ExpoCenter, making it the next step in the evolution of Vegas conventions. Combined with further convention space in the other Resort World hotels, there will be over one million square feet of space awaiting business meetings here.

The Resort World ExpoCenter is expected to be every bit the upscale masterpiece that the adjoining hotels are, so it's hard to see how the venture can fail. Located just footsteps away from all the bustling nightlife and extravagant strip hotels, it will also be near the developing Retail Promenade, which will become one of the top shopping areas along the strip. At the time of its inception, the ExpoCenter in Las Vegas will already be one of the most sought after properties anywhere in the city.

More and more, Las Vegas is becoming an acceptable place to hold business conferences. The past few years have been good to the city, industry-wise, and now the demand for convention and conference space is higher than ever — which is why the Resorts World Resort has included the massive Las Vegas ExpoCenter into its plans.

It is also one of the main factors behind the upcoming Renaissance of the northern end of the strip — between the Wynn and the Resorts World properties, this section of the strip will no longer be overshadowed by the Mirage and Bellagio and Mandalay Bay further down the road.

The ExpoCenter in Las Vegas will be the prime spot for every upcoming Vegas convention, so if you're lucky, maybe one day your boss will send you down to Sin City free of charge and write it off as a business expense. But probably not.

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