Legends in Concert Las Vegas

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Flamingo Las Vegas
3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Legends in Concert
Legends in Concert

The Legends in Concert Imperial Palace show has a strange history - originally allocated to a six week run in 1983, the show continues to play to strong crowds almost 25 years later. Nostalgia has always run strong through the veins of the city - perhaps that partially explains the overwhelming popularity of the Las Vegas Legends in Concert show. Or perhaps because most of the performers mimicked in this Las Vegas show are either dead or an impossible ticket to get in real life. Or maybe it's the impossibly good imitations that are prevalent throughout Legends in Concert Las Vegas that make it so unique.

And, of course, no singer personifies the city more than Elvis, so it's only natural that he is the featured performer in the Legends in Concert Imperial Palace show. Though the cast list changes almost every night, Elvis is one of the mainstays. He is also, predictably, a crowd favorite, generating more applause than any other singer as he blasts through some of Elvis' finest material.

But he is not the only showstopper during Legends in Concert Las Vegas. The works of many of the music world's most famous performers are on display here, from James Brown to Madonna to Ricky Martin to Little Richard. What's even more impressive is that each of the imitators sings with their own voice - lip-syncing is not an option here. So not only do the singers in the Las Vegas Legends in Concert have to look like famed singers of the past, they have to have their vocal inflections down perfectly, too. And add on the dancing, too - from the signature splits of James Brown to Madonna's "Vogue" era choreography, the imitators have obviously devoted many hours studying their subjects' most famous moves.

The popularity of the Legends in Concert Flamingo shows have forced them to play 12 times a week - at 7:30 and 10 pm every day but Sunday.

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While American Superstars prefers to move towards the future with its musical selection, Legends in Concert Las Vegas stays happily in the past. James Brown, Elvis, Little Richard - the imitators collect some of the most beloved musical icons in history to put on one of the best tribute shows in America. More than just replicating signature singing voices, the impressionists are forced to mimic everything, from the dance moves right on down to the physical mannerisms and stage banter - you'd think the list of possible acts here would be resigned to the mere obvious. But that definitely doesn't happen - and one stop at the Legends in Concert show at the Flamingo should prove this nicely.

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