Mac King Comedy Magic Show

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The Theater
Harrahs Las Vegas
3475 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Mac King Comedy Magic Show
Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Say what you want about the Mac King Comedy Magic show, but the man is a Las Vegas original. Forgoing the usual Vegas spectacle, King brings in the crowd by doing the exact opposite: his Kentucky drawl and down home good nature make him an appealing and universally renowned act. Decked out in his signature plaid suit and floppy haircut, his show is definitely geared towards a younger audience - but there is plenty for an adult to take away from the Las Vegas Mac King Comedy show. A standout amongst the nonstop adult entertainment enveloping the city, King's show can be a welcome change of pace for those traveling with children or the more risqué goings on in other Vegas shows.

It's also the reason that the show is relegated to the afternoon time slot at Harrah's. This is a shame, because plenty of people will miss out on one of the most distinctive acts the city has to offer. The Las Vegas Mac King Comedy has the requisite sleight-of-hand tricks, elaborate card tricks and disappearing acts.

More so than most, the Mac King Comedy Vegas show relies on constant audience participation, making the crowd a significant part of a large number of his tricks, from making someone's credit card appear in a sealed box of Rice Krispies or a live goldfish above a audience member's head. During the Mac King Comedy Vegas show, these objects, along with playing cards, boxes of cereal and other random paraphernalia wind up all over the theater in Harrahs Las Vegas with little explanation. He is also one of the few Vegas performers to actively instruct his crowds to cheer for an encore - just another example of the performer's charm. Helped along by a healthy does of self-deprecation and absurdist comedy, the Mac King Comedy Magic show is one of Vegas' longest running magic shows, and along with Lance Burton and Penn and Teller, King has become one of the city's most recognized magicians.

You can find tickets for the Las Vegas Mac King Comedy Show every Tuesday through Saturday at both 1pm and 3pm.

Artist Biography

Born in Kentucky in 1959, the magician has been honing his magic skills for years. In college he even performed with Lance Burton, long before either ever dreamed of performing in Las Vegas. Now King is a long time Vegas veteran, one of the city's most sought after corporate entertainers. He made a name for himself with appearances on all five of NBC's World's Greatest Magic shows - but it's the Mac King Comedy Magic Show that has brought him lasting fame.

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