Las Vegas Hotels Off The Strip

An off strip hotel in Las Vegas can run the gamut from uber-cheap and unpretentious to flamboyant casinos that redefine ostentatious. Those that stay at a Las Vegas hotel off the strip usually do it on purpose, to avoid the crowds that get in the way of the video poker machines, or because they are tired of the same old flashiness that the Las Vegas strip has to offer. Or, it could be the opposite, as casinos such as the Hard Rock, the Marriott or the Palms are so overwhelming, that often times the hotels on the strip pale in comparison. There's a reason that movie stars and athletes habitually congregate at the Hard Rock, and it's not because of its noted table games or convenient location.

The majority of these casinos, however, are on the other end of the spectrum. People who stay at Sams Town or Santa Fe Station or Arizona Charlie's are looking for a much different type of vacation compared to most of the city's tourists. They like their cheap food, low limit gambling and not having to put up with a bunch of recently turned 21-year-olds on spring break. And, for the most part, that is exactly what they'll get. That's the beauty of most any off strip hotel in Las Vegas. You won't find anything too exciting or visually stimulating - just a cheap, clean room and easy access to the casino floor. For most tourists, this is enough. If you are going to stay in a Las Vegas hotel off the strip, chances are that it is a Station property - Boulder Station is the most popular of the bunch, though the not-southwestern-at-all Santa Fe Station is also nice. These hotels offer the rudiments of a great time in Vegas, but the rest will have to be on you.

Vegas Resorts Off Strip - JW Marriott
Vegas Resorts Off Strip - JW Marriott
Las Vegas Hotel Off The Strip
Las Vegas Hotel Off The Strip

When talking about the famous, over-the-top style casinos off the strip, there are only four names that bear mentioning. First is the JW Marriott which is more a resort than a casino, catering mainly to the rich and very rich. For the most part, this is the off strip hotel in Las Vegas where the upscale middle-aged tourists hang out. You won't find too many at the Hard Rock, which can usually boast as being one of the hottest spots in the city on any given night. If you want a chance to bump into Carmen Electra or find Michael Jordan at the poker table, this is the place to go. Every bit as hip is the Palms, made famous by MTV's Real World and kept there by the young Californians who flock there during the weekends to play high-roller slots and drink $10 martinis at Rain, a nightclub so hot you probably can't get in.

The Rio is a nice mix of both of the usual styles associated with off strip hotels in Las Vegas. A little more touristy than the middle-class fare but nowhere near as desperate to please as the Palms, the Rio is a pleasant middle ground that attracts clientele of all kind. Combine this with the low room costs, and you can figure out why it's often hard to find a room here.

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