Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor Vegas wedding can a beautiful and romantic way to get married. Whether you want to stay in downtown Las Vegas or venture to gorgeous destinations such as the Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire, there are diverse options for Las Vegas outdoor weddings that are sure to please.

Several Las Vegas hotels have wedding chapels with an option for an outdoor Vegas wedding. One such chapel is the Caesars Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, which is at Caesars hotel. Another option for an outdoor wedding right on the Strip is at the Paris Las Vegas hotel, where you can say your vows on the Eiffel Tower's observation deck, with the Strip's skyline spread out before you. The luxurious Wynn Hotel also has outdoor ceremonies available, and the lovely Primrose Courtyard is a pretty, tree-filled location for a ceremony. The guest list is limited to 40, making for a private atmosphere.

If you are open to leaving the Las Vegas Strip, there are many more options for Las Vegas outdoor weddings. For example, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels and Chapels of Las Vegas offer garden gazebos for weddings at various times of day, while the Loveland Wedding Chapel supplies a lovely lakeside gazebo for an outdoor Vegas wedding.

If you are prepared to go even farther, one very popular destination for Las Vegas outdoor weddings is the stunning Valley of Fire. A short trip from Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park is a wonderful spot to say your vows in a beautiful private ceremony. You can even fly in on a wedding helicopter tour from Las Vegas and touch down to have your ceremony in the park.

Las Vegas helicopter weddings can take you to other outdoor destinations too, including the Grand Canyon. While such trips are not for the couple seeking the cheapest wedding available, they are undoubtedly a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience and a beautiful option for an outdoor Vegas wedding.

All in all, there is a very wide range of options for an outdoor wedding in Vegas. However, once you decide whether you want to stay on the Strip or venture further, and whether you want a gazebo garden backdrop or a more natural setting, you'll be on your way to booking the best outdoor Vegas wedding for you.

After you've narrowed down locations, you should decide on which add-ons you'll want for your outdoor wedding in Vegas. Vegas wedding packages can often include a limousine transfer from your Strip hotel, a professional photographer, music, flowers, and your choice of a civil or traditional ceremony. Some companies, such as Viva Las Vegas, also offer the option of live internet coverage of the wedding ceremony. Many more extras are available as well, from a wedding cake to a hotel room stay that includes breakfast in bed.

A last-minute outdoor wedding in Vegas is certainly possible. However, to get your first choice of location, you should book in advance. Las Vegas is one wedding destination that is busy all year, but particularly in the warm and sunny summer months, the outdoor locations will be in high demand.

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