Ronn Lucas Las Vegas

Ronn Lucas’ ventriloquism show has closed. For other comedy shows, you might consider Penn and Teller or the Amazing Johnathan, or you can look at our complete list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Comedy Show

Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Cornering the niche market for ventriloquism in Sin City, a Ronn Lucas Las Vegas show is definitely one of a kind. One of the few things within the walls of a casino on the strip that is explicitly and without question a show geared towards family entertainment (he makes Mac King appear risqué by comparison), about 50% of a normal Ronn Lucas Las Vegas audience have yet to make it to adolescence. And that's fine, because watching a cavalcade of dancing and singing puppets might not appeal to an older crowd.

That doesn't make a Las Vegas Ronn Lucas show any less impressive, though, and he peppers enough wit and intelligence into his dialogue (if you can refer to a grown man talking to puppets in such terms) to make the show entertaining for most age groups. A Las Vegas Ronn Lucas show's prime attraction is the amazing things he can do with his craft. A veteran of numerous television appearances, Lucas has great timing to go with his great skill, leading the audience through a quickly paced 75 minute show that absolutely flies by. Whether it is voicing a puppet trapped in a box or singing duets with himself, the Las Vegas Ronn Lucas show is chock full of moments that force the audience to take a moment and reflect: "did that really just happen?'

His immeasurable creativity and imagination have helped Ronn Lucas show Vegas that family entertainment does have a place within Sin City. And even though ventriloquism isn't the first thing you think of when it comes to the performing arts, his wit and timing has also helped Ronn Lucas show Vegas crowds the limitless nature of his craft.

Showing promptly at 3 pm every day but Friday, the Las Vegas Ronn Lucas show is one of the prime attractions in the Luxor casino and hotel.

Artist Biography

A seven year old Ronn Lucas received a sock puppet from his grandfather. That's the defining moment the ventriloquist mentions when discussing his years spent studying and perfecting the craft. A long time Vegas act, Lucas has performed on a number of television shows, including an eponymous show that ran on British Television, as well as starring in his own special, the Disney produced "Who's in Charge Here?' He has also received accolades for his stand-up comedy, winning the Showtime-produced Laff-Off competition in the early 80s.

Now his interests lie primarily in the Ronn Lucas show Vegas crowds have come to know and love. Even so, he stepped out of the spotlight to recently co-author a book, "Better Living Through Ventriloquism: How to Say What You Shouldn't And Get What You Want."

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