Las Vegas Space Flights

The common belief holds that just about anything goes in Las Vegas. Its marketing campaign does nothing to dispel this notion, and the continuing popularity of Hunter S. Thompson's famed novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas certainly helps in this regard. If you can dream it up, there is probably someone in the world that can get it for you—and a lot of these people can be found offering some of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas. And another item on this list that can be checked off is a zero gravity Las Vegas flight; it's somewhat surprising that it's taken this long to come around.

The price of Las Vegas space flights, of course, are steep. But at least now you have the option. The company is called Zero G and it the only one of its kind. Operating out of Cape Canaveral since 2002, they now are taking their zero gravity flights to the city of Las Vegas - it seems like the next logical step. For a mere $3500, you can get the entire package. A short training session will preclude a 90 minute trip into weightlessness, where you can live out all your remaining astronaut-centered fantasies - although Tang will, sadly, not be provided in zero gravity Las Vegas.

You will not spend the entirety of your sub-orbital spaceflight in zero gravity however - the Las Vegas space flights also offer reconstructions of the gravitational fields found on the moon and Mars at 1/6 and 1/3 of the Earth's gravity, respectively. Finally, you can know what it's like to walk upon the surface of Mars, and you only have to travel to Las Vegas to do it.

The zero gravity Las Vegas experience will be aboard a specially designed Boeing 727 jet that flies in continual parabolas in order to achieve a feeling of weightlessness. It is much the same concept as jumping out of a plane, only this time the entirety of the plane travels with you (from between 34,000 and 24,000 feet in elevation), confining you from the air resistance that impedes skydivers and allowing for approximately one full minute of zero gravity on these suborbital flights. The aircraft will perform these around fifteen times during the course of your 90 minute subspace flight, such that the passengers can feel the dizzying effects of sheer weightlessness again and again. The rest of the flight will be spent flying smaller parabolas that recreate lunar and Martian gravity.

Of course, for safety reasons, there are restrictions on just who can enjoy these zero gravity flights. Only those over the age of 15 can get book a seat on a recreational space flight, and, predictably, pregnant women are also banned. Other than that, though, right now there is a sub-orbital spaceflight with your name on it, waiting to give you a resounding experience that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. These zero gravity flights are not here on a permanent basis, however, so make sure you check ahead of time for available seats. As of now, the scheduled flights in Las Vegas are for April 21, May 26, June 16, 17 and 30, August 4, September 1 and 2, October 6, November 10, and December 30 and 31.

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