Las Vegas Surfing

Las Vegas Surfing
Las Vegas Surfing

You can add Las Vegas surfing to your list of things to do in the Nevada desert. Yes, you read that correctly. The Planet Hollywood Resort is unveiling the first-ever surf pool on the Vegas Strip. It will open not long after the 2015 pool season begins in March. The pool is called FlowRider Wave-in-a-Box Double, and it offers an fun complement to the casino resort’s other pools, especially for those who like to hang ten as a hobby. But you don’t have to be a seasoned surfer to have a great time at the surf pool at Planet Hollywood. Thanks to the pool’s wave technology, the conditions can be manipulated to suit novices or professionals alike.

Hanging out at the Las Vegas pools is often a see and be seen kind of endeavor. And, for surfers, what better way to get some attention than to show off your skills at the Planet Hollywood surf pool? If you’re not a skilled surfer or have never ever surfed before, you’ll likely go from learning on body boards to standing up on flow boards and maybe eventually even doing a few tricks. Don’t worry if you fall, and perhaps fall often while you’re learning how to surf at Planet Hollywood. The surface of the pool is designed to absorb impacts. And if you’re worried about embarrassing yourself, toss that aside as well. Trying something new and having fun while doing it is an attractive quality.

When you’re not engaging in some Las Vegas surfing at the Planet Hollywood pools, you can socialize and enjoy the all around party atmosphere. Recently renovated, the Pleasure Pools area at the resort features two pool decks with bars. Daybeds, a café and new cabanas with bottle service also figure among the tantalizing fixtures at the Planet Hollywood pools, and live DJs are usually in place to keep the tunes spinning.

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