Tony and Tina's Wedding

Show Type:
Production Show

Bally’s Las Vegas
3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Tony and Tina's Wedding Las Vegas is not just a ticket to the show; it's an invitation to join in the merriment. It's about as close to a wedding as you can get in Las Vegas without participating in one yourself - complete with ceremony and reception, both of which you are allowed to participate in (if you so choose). Because it's not all about the bride and groom at Tony and Tina's Wedding Vegas show - it's about audience interaction, it's about mingling with well-practiced actors that never break character, it's about the enormous and tasty dinner you get to enjoy along with the rest of the audience.

Tony and Tina's Wedding Las Vegas is full of the usual drama - from bickering families to drunken guests, the show has everything you'd expect from a reception. The traditional Italian families might be a little too stereotypical for some tastes, but the talented actors never lose the script, despite the many possible distractions a showing can entail. From an awkward best man speech to sad bridesmaids to a wedding DJ that forces “YMCA” onto the crowd, the Ballys Las Vegas rarely comes alive the way it does during a Tony and Tina's Wedding Vegas performance. There's also the typical festivities, the throwing of the garter belt, the tossing of the bouquet, ubiquitous wedding photographers (that will conveniently sell you snapshots of you immediately afterwards).

The real joy comes to those brave enough to interact with the characters on stage. And there is plenty of opportunity, right from the beginning, when you are asked to hum along with the wedding hymn. From there, it only gets better as Tony and Tina's Wedding Vegas show progresses through the night. Along with all the fun, you also partake in the dinner, which includes lasagna, chicken parmesan, a glass of champagne and a host of other tasty traditional Italian treats.

And it goes on every night. Unlike most of the Las Vegas shows, Tony and Tina's Wedding Las Vegas shows are never blacked out, starting every day at 7 pm. And if you really want a discount, you can get two tickets for the price of one - all you have to do is take that special someone to the wedding chapel inside Ballys and tie the knot. A big decision, but think of the savings!

Show Biography

Tony and Tina's Wedding began as an Off-Broadway smash hit before making its way across the country to Ballys Las Vegas. Still considered one of the most successful Off-Broadway shows, Tony and Tina's Wedding has evolved some since it left New York, hoping to capitalize on the new setting with updated jokes and extended dialogue in some of the fan-favorite sections of the show. You also receive, with the purchase of VIP tickets, honeymoon gifts and other memorabilia, available only at the Tony and Tina's Wedding Las Vegas show.

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