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A Las Vegas tour is a fun way to see all the sights that Nevada, the gaming capitol of the country has to offer. The Las Vegas strip is so long and has so many attractions that it's a challenge to see it all in one day. When you take a Las Vegas tour, you can sit back and relax and let someone else do the navigating while you take in the sights and sounds of the Strip.

Besides the Vegas Strip, other sights in and around the area draw a number of visitors. The natural wonders of the Grand Canyon, the engineering feats of the Hoover Dam, the Valley of Fire, Lake Mead and Colorado River are places you can tour.

There are scores of different tour operators who can take you on a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour. The price range for these tours on average runs you $179 to $300, and usually last about three and a half hours. Visitors who are pressed for time might opt for the hour and a half Las Vegas helicopter tour, but if you have more time you can spend a full day on a combo tour of the Canyon. This tour is 8 hours long and includes lunch. You get to see a number of popular tourist sights, such as historical Boulder city. Next you go to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for prime photo opportunities. Finish it off with a ride down Diamond Bar road and a stop at the Joshua Tree Forest with the Grand Wash Cliffs in the background. Next, your Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour takes you on a helicopter ride as you make the 4,000-foot descent to the Colorado River below. Here is where the tour winds down at a leisurely pace; with you floating on a pontoon down the river as you enjoy a guided narration.

Las Vegas Tours - Grand Canyon
Las Vegas Tours - Grand Canyon

On top of a typical tour of the Grand Canyon, you can now see the Canyon in a brand new way thanks to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A horseshoe-shaped structure of glass and steel that allows visitors to actually pretend they're floating in the sky above the canyon. The entire Grand Canyon Skywalk trip plus tour can take as long as 12 hours so it's good to make a day-trip out of it.

A visit to the Hoover Dam is one of the more economical options of all the Las Vegas tours outside of the city proper. Running an average of 4 to 6 hours, these tours almost always include a pit stop at the Ethel M Chocolate factory as well as the Botanical Cactus Gardens and can cost as little as $33 dollars. To see more you can spend another $100 dollars and opt for the airplane tour of Lake Mead. This four-hour tour is a chartered flight that begins in Las Vegas and flies you over the Dam and Lake Mead. Along the way, you will see Boulder City and the Virgin Canyon as well. Be sure to look for the Las Vegas strip from the air upon your return from your Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour.

There are different methods of transportation to choose from, one being a Las Vegas helicopter tour. These are also rather affordable, being only around $75 to make the 20-mile loop by air. For around $45 you can take the five and a half hour walking and driving tour, led by an informed guide who will give you valuable information in addition to taking to you to the top sights on your Las Vegas tour. A steal at only $50, you can spend an entire day touring when you combine a Deluxe City tour with a red rock Canyon tour. The Valley of Fire often cost a little bit more and can run you upwards of $100 because many tour operators use ATV's to take visitors through the Mojave Desert where you can view colorful natural rock formations and ancient petroglyphs.

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