V Ultimate Variety Show

Show Type:
Production Show

Variety Theatre
Miracle Mile (adjacent to Planet Hollywood)
3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

V - Ultimate Variety Show
V - Ultimate Variety Show

The Las Vegas V Ultimate Variety Show does nothing if not live up to its lengthy name. There is something for everyone in this mishmash of talented performers. Don't have enough money (or time) to see a quality singer, magician and acrobatic troupe during your Las Vegas stay? Worry no longer—the Las Vegas V Ultimate Variety Show has it all. Sure, it's less well-known talent like Prince, the Amazing Johnathan or the gymnasts in Beatles LOVE, but the performers that have made their way into the show have only enough time to show their best work, making the V Variety Show Vegas' most condensed show, while still supplying the kind of awe-inspiring acts that the city is famous for.

What you won't get is just a cavalcade of opening acts—each one of these guys could likely get their own show at another casino, but the continuing popularity of the show keeps them aligned at the Miracle Mile next to Planet Hollywood. Comedians, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, death-defying stunts, and musical performances are all part of the show—you name it, and it's probably a featured act in the V Variety Show Vegas. The show guarantees something for every visitor, regardless of age, and it's perfect for non-English speaking audiences too.

Want guys jumping rope while riding unicycles? Done. You want them to do a series of awesome stunts with a multitude of basketballs too? Simple. Or how about some magic, some impressions, some cover songs, some gymnastics? They're all included here, too. So just sit back and enjoy a buffet line of talents during the Las Vegas V Ultimate Variety Show. You can also include a dinner option with your ticket to create the perfect evening. The V Variety Show Vegas runs every day of the week with performances at 7 and 8:30 pm.

Show Biography

What began as a staging ground for a number of talented artists who felt unfairly relegated to secondary performance opportunities—for instance, warming up for a more well-known show, as many of these acts did at one time or another—the inception of the V Variety Show meant that all these wayward performers had a second shot at glory and fame. Which might be why these acts seem so much more appreciative, so much more genuine than some of Las Vegas shows.

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