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Las Vegas is often referred to as "The Entertainment Capital of the World", and year in and year out millions of visitors head to Vegas for a chance to hit it big, to catch a live Vegas show, to explore the Las Vegas dining and shopping opportunities, or to hit the Las Vegas golf courses when the weather at home begins to sour. Whatever the reason you have for planning a Las Vegas vacation, you'll be happy to know that it is easier than ever. While planning your Vegas vacation in advance is generally the best way to find travel savings, you can still hit Vegas spur of the moment with the chance to find options for last minute Las Vegas trips. Las Vegas is brimming with hotels and resorts, as well as vacation rental selections, most of which feature special deals from time to time to help bring in their share of the city's thriving tourism industry. In Las Vegas, the sheer amount of visitors encourages stiff competition between the different Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Especially during the slower periods of Las Vegas travel, these hotels and casinos will offer deals that are often hard to believe, let alone pass up. With a little flexibility, an element of luck and a determination to succeed, you can plan last minute Las Vegas vacations that won't be heavy on your budget.

In America, there is a growing trend in the travel industry that sees more and more people planning small getaways as opposed to lengthy vacations. Long weekends, or short mid-week excursions give busy folks the chance to get away from it all, if not for a brief time at least. Last minute Las Vegas trips make up a large bulk of these getaways, as there is so much to do in Las Vegas. You can even arrange a Las Vegas wedding on a short getaway, or a one-day Grand Canyon tour on the side. From most large cities in America, you can find daily flights to Las Vegas, and if you book your Las Vegas accommodations and airline tickets with a Las Vegas flight and hotel package, you will get some added savings. There are numerous Las Vegas travel packages out there, some of which include more than your flight and hotel arrangements. It's not rare to find packages that also include car rental, show tickets or a Las Vegas tour at a discounted rate. Las Vegas generally sees more visitors in the spring and fall seasons, which means that during the winter and summer you will see an increase in last minute hotel deals in Las Vegas, as well as discounted airfares. But, even if you find yourself wanting to go to Vegas on a whim during the peak season, you will still find a good amount of deals on last minute Las Vegas vacations.

When planning last minute Las Vegas vacations, it usually pays to be flexible, more than anything. Keeping an open mind also helps, as the different package deals you will come across will have their own unique ins and outs. While you can go through a travel agent to find deals on airfare and a Las Vegas hotel last minute special, there are a growing amount of internet web sites that specialize in finding travel deals. Your online search will quickly yield a variety of package deals for last minute Las Vegas trips. You might want to start your search with web sites that focus on Las Vegas exclusively, as they will usually have a set list of low-cost packages that will soon expire. You can often plan a trip well in advance, or arrange to take off within 24 hours. Checking with specific airlines is also a good idea when planning last minute Las Vegas trips, as many of them feature specials on last minute airfares. Charter flights are also something to consider, and they can be quite economical. Charter flights sometimes have an extra seat or two to fill and you can find a deal on a charter flight that goes quite nicely with a Las Vegas hotel last minute special.

Most of the Las Vegas hotels and resorts have a special online section where you can find special packages, or you may call their information lines to inquire about any lingering deals. Generally, if you plan to arrive during a weekday, it is easier to find a Las Vegas hotel last minute special. Also, booking your stay through the weekend will help you save money, as Saturday travel in particular sees an increase in other travelers and travel prices. So go on and get looking for last minute Las Vegas vacations and treat yourself to a great time in Sin City. After all, you deserve it. The Nevada desert is calling and it just might be time to answer.

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