Le Reve Las Vegas

Show Type:
Production Show

Wynn Theater
Wynn Las Vegas
3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Le Reve Las Vegas
Le Reve Las Vegas

Considering the people behind the production of the Wynn Le Reve show, it's hard not to go in with high expectations. The brainchild of world-renowned director Franco Dragone (who was also behind a number of Vegas extravaganza, from O to Mystere at Treasure Island to the more recent Celine Dion: A New Day production), the Wynn Le Reve show combines many similar elements from his past to create a hallucinatory narrative that is as sporadically nuanced as it is ridiculously overblown. With Le Reve Las Vegas, Wynn Casino hopes to cash in on another popular Dragone show.

The main character is a woman who in sleep is engulfed in the world of Morpheus, the Sandman and thus begins an extensive series of loosely tied together dream sequences, ranging from surreal to subtle to outright weird. And just like hearing the dreams of a friend or coworker retold the next day, the show runs the gamut between fascinating to boring to, well, outright weird. The aquatic landscapes will feel familiar to anyone who has already seen O, though it's inspired French circus themes bear a more striking resemblance to that of Treasure Island's Mystere. And while ballet executed amongst spouting fountains and other random, splashing water might not be everyone's idea of a pleasant evening, Le Reve has shown it has few problems carving out its own niche in the heart of the Wynn casino.

Le Reve is one of the strip's most popular Las Vegas shows. The hands-on style of directing that Dragone prefers has helped immensely flux - the award-winning director has personally overseen hundreds of changes, both big and small, since the show's inception. And, as Le Reve has evolved, so has its success. As it turns out, Wynn had a winner in Le Reve all along.

Le Reve goes on Thursday through Monday at both 7 and 9:30 pm, excluding Friday, which has a single showing at 8pm.

Show Biography

With big hopes came big plans, and the domed theater inside the Wynn was built specifically with this show in mind, and is able to contain a million gallons of water. The rounded enclosure that houses Le Reve means that there are no bad seats in the house, though starting at $100 a ticket, there really shouldn't be. In fact, due to the theater's unique design, you can never be more than 40 feet from the action. The architectural beauty adds a subtle, ethereal beauty to all that takes place on the stage.

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