Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining at the Linq is fast-becoming a popular thing to do in Las Vegas. Much of the allure of this outdoor shopping mall that opened in 2014 relates to its pleasant human-scale urban design, which basically means that it is comfortable and easy to navigate by way of foot. No need to hop on a monorail or hail a cab to get from one point in the complex to another. While exploring the Linq, visitors can stop at any number of stores and restaurants. Also lending to the appeal of the mall are its other diversions, which include objects of visual interest, such as plazas and fountains. Other standout attractions here include the High Roller and the Brooklyn Bowl. The High Roller rises to a height of 550 feet and is the highest Ferris wheel in the world. The Brooklyn Bowl is part bowling alley and part live entertainment venue where you can often catch big name musical acts.

Shopping and Dining

Linq High Roller
Linq High Roller

The Linq boasts nearly 30 shops, restaurants, and bars. Among the things that the shops have to offer are stylish sneakers, street-inspired clothing, Italian shoes, eccentric sunglasses, hats, beauty products and services, whimsical gadgets, books, and sparkling jewelry. The list doesn’t end there, and thanks to the pedestrian-friendly aspects of the Linq, the mall sets up well for shopping sprees. For those who are interested in the dining choices at the Linq, you’ll find restaurants here serving everything from pizza and burgers to Mexican food and barbecue. At least one restaurant at the Linq offers a massive outdoor patio where open-air dining can be enjoyed, and there is a British-style pub to duck into if that’s what you have in mind. In addition to food, the Linq restaurants serve up cocktails, beers, and other adult beverages. The mall is also home to several bars, and its location on The Strip means that it is all within easy reach of many of the top Vegas attractions and hotels.

Whether the sun is up or the sun is down, the Linq can be a fantastic place to hang out when looking for things to do in Las Vegas. To expand on the outdoor mall’s location on The Strip, you can find the shopping, dining, and entertainment complex at 3545 Las Vegas Blvd. South. That puts it right between the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and the Quad Resort and Casino. Just across the street is Caesars Palace.  

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