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The MGM Grand is without a doubt named for the grandeur of this casino, which, among other things, features an indoor lion habitat. This grand casino is certainly not one to do things on a small scale—quite the contrary. There are plenty of offers for MGM Grand coupons and discounts on the hotel web site for anyone planning to book a stay in advance, including a number of MGM Grand promotion codes, which also can be found online.

The MGM Grand is known for its large scale of luxury. When you book your stay at this hotel, be sure to use MGM Grand coupons or promotions for some of the shows. A good deal of permanent and special shows is featured in some of the MGM Grand Hotel promotions and packages. The MGM Grand is home to several fashionable shows, including KA by Cirque du Soleil and the Crazy Horse Paris cabaret production. Imagine the spectacle of acrobatics, puppetry, and martial arts combined into one fabulous show. KA offers all of this and more, and it is not something to be missed on your Las Vegas vacation. The cabaret at Crazy Horse is just what it seems: a reinvented form of art of the female body. These permanent shows as well as plenty of other special events are featured in several MGM Grand promotions packages that are readily available online, so check the MGM web site for the events taking place during your visit. Seasonal shows and exhibitions also abound in MGM Grand Hotel promotions, and upcoming events are always listed on the MGM web site for those planning for a trip to Las Vegas.

At the edge of the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand is no less of an exciting place than the other grand hotels on the boulevard. This grand casino holds the famous lion habitat, in honor of the animal and to help protect it for future generations by promoting the public's education about the regal lion. Although MGM Grand discounts are not necessary for this free attraction, it is certainly worth your while to visit the descendants of the MGM studio lion.

To make the most of your time at MGM, don't miss an evening at one of the hot nightclubs at the hotel. Tabu Ultra Lounge is one of the most popular clubs at the MGM. Studio 54 was also quite popular, but closed in 2012, to be replaced by the elegant Hakkasan. MGM Grand promotion codes are always changing and are continuously available to prospective visitors, so look for MGM Grand coupons for all the happening places at the property. Plenty of live entertainment, discounts on spa services, and dinner packages are featured in the MGM Grand Hotel promotions, so consider using MGM Grand promotion codes to create a Las Vegas vacation that fits both your desires and your budget.

Depending on how much you plan to spend, lodging at MGM may not be an option for you, but wherever you decide to stay during your Las Vegas vacation, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is certainly a place to see while you are cruising the Strip. Enjoy the free exhibit at the MGM lion habitat, or engage in dancing and enjoy the music at one of the popular nightclubs. While Las Vegas hotels are some of the most luxurious in the world, you will also find that there are great hotel deals for saving money for your trip to Las Vegas.

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