Las Vegas Ice Bar

In Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, visitors are stopping by for one of the coolest experiences in one of the hottest places in America at the Minus5 Ice Lounge. This lounge is made entirely of ice, from the chairs that you sit on to the cups that you drink from. Minus5 originates in New Zealand and has several locations throughout the world; Mandalay Bay Ice Lounge in Las Vegas is the first US-based site.

Deriving its name from the consistent temperature in the bar of -5 degrees Celsius, Minus5 has attracted thousands, and it is no wonder, as there is a unique Arctic experience to be had, but with the security of knowing you can step out anytime to the comfortable warmth of the neighboring Minus5 Lodge, resembling a sumptuous ski lodge.

Minus5 Ice Lounge was an unusual idea of the great-grandson of an extraordinary explorer. In the last years of the nineteenth century, Buck Rockwell, planning to circumnavigate the North Pole, was bogged down in an Arctic ice pack. Luckily, he found refuge in a nearby whaling village with only local women and ice-cold vodka to keep him warm. How did he survive these harsh conditions? He developed a keen adoration for that frosty drink, passing it down the generations to his great-grandson, Craig Ling, who opened the first Minus5 in New Zealand.

The Las Vegas Ice Bar is the first of the United States sites, but fans of the unique lounge will be hoping it's not the last. Locals and tourists alike can take a tour of this curiosity pub, but be prepared for a chilling experience. Everything in the Mandalay Bay Ice Lounge is literally constructed and carved from blocks and sheets of ice. Guests of the ice lounge are thoroughly equipped with excellent attire, from a cozy coat to mittens, which are a must to hold the ice glasses containing their drinks.

For an extra cover charge at the entrance, visitors can upgrade to a fur coat and an extra refill on that cocktail. It is said that most visitors don’t last an hour, but happily, there has never been a case of frostbite, thanks to the head-to-toe precautions. If you are looking for an experience to remember in Las Vegas, as well as a break from the scorching desert heat, this is a must.

While many clubs and lounges update their surroundings on a regular basis, the Mandalay Bay Ice Lounge offers a new experience of atmosphere as frequently as every six weeks. Ice figures are replaced and designed de novo every six weeks, while the walls are replenished biannually; the decor can be the perfect setting for a number of special events and celebrations.

For many travelers, a visit to the city of glitter and lights is part of a Las Vegas wedding, and whether you marry in the Mandalay Bay chapel or elsewhere, this Las Vegas Ice Bar, complete with its stained ice windows and a beautiful ice chandelier, offers an unrivaled experience for visitors and couples, especially those looking for a unique way to celebrate their marriage.

The fabulous Las Vegas Strip welcomes thousands of visitors every year, and the Las Vegas Ice Bar is among the most unique attractions in the city. Visitors will certainly enjoy the chilly weather in this place. Grab a parka, relax on an ice bench covered with a pelt of fur, and enjoy icy cups of vodka cocktails at the Minus5 Ice Lounge!

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