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Mirage Promotions
Mirage Promotions

Mirage Hotel and Casino is a tropical paradise within this city of neon lights. If you are thinking of joining the crowd at Mirage Las Vegas, you are probably also looking for Mirage discounts that can help you budget for your Las Vegas vacation. This spectacular casino offers an abundance of Mirage Hotel promotions and coupons on their web site. There are plenty of ongoing online Mirage promotion codes available for booking your room at a special rate, and you can always gather Mirage coupons while playing the slots and tables in the casino.

Upon entering the hotel, you will be greeted by lush gardens with sculptures and pathways. Follow the path over the bridge to an open restaurant that will dazzle your senses. Further inside, the Mirage holds another jewel in its Secret Garden and the home of a family of bottlenose dolphins. These gorgeous creatures put on a magnificent display in the Dolphin Habitat. When you book your stay at this hotel, be sure to look for Mirage coupons or promotions for this delightful show.

Whether you are staying at the Mirage or not, you will surely want to visit the one of the actual hottest spots in Vegas. Mirage features an erupting volcano, which spews fire and water with a spectacular show of lights and smoke. At the top of each hour, visitors gather around the hotel, filling every empty space to catch a glimpse and take photographs. Occasionally, there are special Mirage Hotel promotions for rooms facing the volcano, where you can watch the spectacle of eruptions in the comfort of your room.

This hot spot is also home to some of the major nightlife in the area, including the exclusive JET, one of the most fashionable nightclubs in Las Vegas. While inside the casino keep a lookout for Mirage promotions personnel. Often, throughout the casino area, promotions employees are handing out Mirage coupons for you and a guest to enjoy a night of music, socializing, and dancing. There are several kinds of coupon options—all you have to do is ask for Mirage coupons and take your pick.

Mirage often has seasonal shows for which they offer promotions for guests staying in the hotel. Mirage's signature show, The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, is also included in some of the Mirage promotions packages. While planning your stay, don't forget to check for Mirage Hotel promotions for these special events.

Before reserving anything for your visit to Las Vegas, be sure to do some research on hotel promotions and on Mirage promotion codes in particular, if this is your hotel of choice. There are several packages to choose from, including spa, salon, entertainment, and dinner with your accommodations. Mirage promotion codes can only be used for special offers and discounts while booking your stay online.

Wherever you decide to stay during your trip to Las Vegas, visiting the Mirage Hotel and Casino is definitely something to put on your list of things to do. From the erupting volcano to the tropical gardens within to spectacular shows, Mirage is one of the best places to be. Whether it is the luxurious hotel, gaming, gardens, shows, or nightlife, Mirage has something to tempt your tastes and desires.

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