Mirage Volcano

In 1989, the original Mirage volcano debuted and set a new standard for free entertainment among the things to do in Las Vegas along the Strip, but now this landmark has been redesigned. Where this show was worth stopping to see before, the new MGM Mirage Volcano is likely to rival the Bellagio Fountains or Treasure Island’s Sirens of TI. The new Volcano on the Las Vegas Strip grabs your attention in a whole new way. Before the redesign, the eruption was the highlight of the show, but now jets of fire trail down the volcano and burst out into the lagoon in front of the Mirage volcano in a breathtaking fire show.

While the ante has been upped on the visual element of the Volcano on the Las Vegas Strip, the soundtrack has also been revamped to heighten the experience. The soundtrack to the show is composed by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Indian tabla player Zakir Hussain. Percussion and tribal drum beats bring a dramatic element to the dancing fire over the lagoon, streams of lava, and finally the eruption of the Mirage Volcano. To bring in entirely new fire effects and lighting, a group titled WET designed FireShooters for the Mirage to send lava cascading down the MGM Mirage Volcano and project fire balls up to twelve feet in the air. Additionally, a new Meyer Sound sound system has been installed, one of the finest available. Meyer Sound also designed the system in Mirage’s Cirque du Soleil LOVE show.

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