Mondrian Las Vegas

Like its Resorts World counterpart the Delano Hotel, the Mondrian Las Vegas is another hotel that originated elsewhere. While the first Delano can be found in Miami, the Mondrian Hotel first saw life as the temporary (or permanent) home for Los Angeles' wealthiest travelers. A luxury hotel almost unmatched in Hollywood, the Echelon has again imported the strongest features of that property, only to build upon them to create a unique and amazing Mondrian Hotel in Las Vegas. Renowned for its sophistication and elegant urban chic atmosphere, there is nothing to suggest it will not fit seamlessly with the other Resorts World hotels.

The Mondrian Las Vegas will differ slightly from the Delano and Shangri La in one basic premise - instead of being just a place to stay and explore the vibrant Sin City scene, the Mondrian Hotel in Las Vegas will also provide permanent residences for those that just can't seem to stay away from the strip for very long. As far as the Resorts World properties go, the Mondrian Las Vegas will be the most accessible portion. Though designed for long term guests, the sleek and unfussy hotel will also be a great place to stay for a few days at a time, minus the expensive luxury of the Shangri La or the over-boisterous atmosphere of the Delano. This will also make the Mondrian Hotel in Las Vegas the perfect spot for upscale business travelers - though it will have plenty of meeting and conference space inside, it will also be quite close to the up and coming ExpoCenter, another exclusive spot for conventions, meetings and exhibitions.

The largest of the Resorts World hotels, it will also feature a nightclub and a handful of signature restaurants that will be pre-requisite stopping points when exploring Las Vegas nightlife. Though based on the famed Hollywood hotel, the Mondrian Hotel in Las Vegas is less entrenched in the former's style, and its unique retooling will make the new and improved version one of the many highlights of your Vegas vacation.

Like the Delano, this hotel will also be attached to the Aqua Spa, which will undoubtedly become one of the top spas in Las Vegas. While the combined aesthetics of LA and Las Vegas collide around you, the Aqua Spa will provide the perfect respite from the rest of the world. Though, with all the excitement going on around you, why would you want to get away?

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