Moorea Beach Club

Hours: Vary depending on time of year, day and evening hours. Usually opens early around 8:30 AM.
Best Days: Any
Location: Mandalay Bay Hotel Pool
Cover Charge: Monday - Thursday Men $40.00, Women $10.00/Friday - Sunday Men $50.00, Women $10.00
Topless: Yes
Celebrity Hangout: Occasionally
Food: Food and drinks available

Moorea Beach Club
Moorea Beach Club

Like the Flamingo, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is known for its sprawling pool. Mandalay Bay pool is 11 acres of sprawling beaches, lounge chairs, and a lazy river. Located up and above the pool with a view of the wave pool below is Moorea Ultra Beach Lounge-one of the premier European-style pools in Vegas. If you're seeking trendy and fun with a sound system to blast your top off if it's not already off, Moorea Beach Club is for you. While the topless and party factors are probably the biggest draws to a European-style pool, other perks include no kids in the pool (21 and over only), towel service, and wet, cool washcloths brought around to help with the heat of the sun. Many evenings at Moorea Beach Club, especially in the summer, turn into a party set to challenge the hottest Vegas nightclubs. Like Rehab at the Hard Rock, Moorea Ultra Beach Lounge is adult, Vegas-style entertainment at its best and if you're staying at this hotel (and aren't shy), it's definitely worth checking out.

Moorea Beach Club Las Vegas is a popular spot for sunbathers and partiers alike so if you want a spot for sure either show up when the Club opens or reserve a cabana ahead of time. Otherwise, it's very possible you'll have to wait in a line to get in.

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