Nathan Burton

Show Type:
Magic Show

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Nathan Burton Las Vegas
Nathan Burton Las Vegas

Nathan Burton is a veteran Las Vegas performer, and a magician who has won global acclaim for his fun, vibrant, and astounding magic shows. The Nathan Burton experience gives you much more than your standard Las Vegas magic show. Of course, there are plenty of eye-popping illusions that leave audience members scratching their heads in disbelief. Burton has been performing magic since the age of four, so the skill and subtlety with which he performs these illusions during his show is quite an astounding sight to see. But the Nathan Burton Planet Hollywood show is much more than a platform for Burton to display his magical talents. The magician has created a great show, with lots of comic moments, and a chorus of Las Vegas showgirls to add to the color and excitement. His 60-minute show is more flashy and fast-paced than those of older showmen like Amazing Kreskin, and his boyish charm and humor has won him a dedicated fan-base.

The Nathan Burton Planet Hollywood show is on in the afternoon, a common slot for a Las Vegas magic show, although many also run in the evenings. The timing is excellent for those vacationers who want to cram in as many things to do in Las Vegas as they can. The show is the perfect warm-up to a great evening on the Strip, whether you’re planning on some shopping, hitting the nightclubs, or even treating yourself to another performance from the long list of Las Vegas shows.

Tickets for the Nathan Burton Planet Hollywood show sell out fast, so be sure to book them well in advance. Not only has the show been well received, it is also attractive due to the venue. The show is on every afternoon from Tuesday through Friday, as well as on Sundays.

Artist Biography

Nathan Burton was born in Oakland, California, and began to perform magic at the early age of four. Between 1987 and 1991, Burton competed against magicians from across the globe to win four gold trophies at international stage competitions. Having proven his name, he performed on the TV program The World’s Wildest Magic and the World’s Greatest Magic 3. European fame followed, with TV appearances in Paris, Lisbon, Athens, and Santiago. He spent a year at a hotel in South Korea, where he baffled audiences with his routine of vanishing an elephant. In 2001, he returned to America, where he began performing in Nevada.

While in the US, Burton created the Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge, spending seven nights inside a sealed box with seven Las Vegas showgirls. The stunt received lots of media attention, and propelled him to even greater heights of nationwide fame. Since then, he has had many top-slot TV appearances, including on America’s Got Talent and The Megan Mullally Show. In 2008, Burton brought his signature 60-minute Las Vegas magic show to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

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