Las Vegas Night Clubs

Las Vegas Nightclub Tour
Las Vegas Nightclub Tour

Las Vegas clubs are among the city's biggest attractions, as Vegas is famous for its nightlife. Most hotels and casinos have at least one club connected with them, and the clubs host DJs, bands, and massive parties, particularly for events such as Halloween or New Year's Eve.

The options range from fancy options such as Christian Audigier to the more lively party choices like Cabo Wabo or Diablos Cantina. Whichever types interests you, make sure to try out at least one of the many great Las Vegas nightclubs during your visit—a trip to Sin City wouldn't be complete without it.

Las Vegas Night Clubs
Las Vegas Night Clubs

If you're visiting over a big holiday weekend, such as New Year's Eve or Halloween, it's an even better time to visit the Las Vegas night clubs because the parties and events make them even more fun than usual. The Fetish and Fantasy Ball, which used to be at the Hard Rock and is now at the South Point Hotel, is one of the most popular Halloween events, while New Year's parties at PURE and LAX are among the best at that time of year. Even if you're not visiting on one of the major holiday weekends, the clubs often host their own parties throughout the year, so be sure to check the calendar for your favorite clubs in order to see what great must-see nights might be on deck.

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