Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour At Night

Las Vegas is packed with things to do, filled with world-class casinos, fine dining, nightlife, and extravagant shows. But if you think you have seen all there is to see on the ground, or if you simply want a change of pace, then consider stretching your horizons with a exhilarating Vegas helicopter tour at night. Vegas helicopter rides are a fantastic way to see Las Vegas from a new angle, with all the colossal Strip hotels sprawling and glittering below you. A Vegas strip helicopter tour at night is guaranteed to be a mesmerizing once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember, and a sure highlight of any Vegas vacation.

Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour At Night
Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour At Night

Vegas helicopter rides are a great way to take in the sights both in Las Vegas and nearby, without having to deal with a rental car or directions. By day, you can take a stunning trip to see the majestic Grand Canyon, Skywalk, Monument Valley, Hoover Dam, and Valley of Fire. Depending on the flight package you book, you might be in the air the entire time, or you might touch down to get on-ground views in addition to aerial panoramas.

Once the sun goes down, take a Vegas helicopter tour at night to;cap off the day. On a Vegas helicopter tour at night you can peer down on all the stunning structures on the busy strip, flashing with lights and color. From the towers of Mandalay Bay to the Bellagio fountains to the Eiffel Tower at Paris to the high-power light beam of the Luxor pyramid that's sometimes visible from space, the sights at night from the sky are simply dazzling.

A tour of the Strip sparkling in the night sky is so exciting and romantic that many couples are choosing to tie the knot mid-air. That's right, Vegas helicopter rides both over the strip at night and out in the Grand Canyon are becoming popular as an adventurously unique and romantic way to get married. Who knows, Vegas helicopter weddings may someday give Vegas wedding chapel weddings serious competition!

In many cases, a Vegas Strip helicopter tour at night will include round-trip transportation from a Strip hotel or downtown hotel, making the whole experience from start to finish very easy and smooth. Usually a champagne toast is included in the flight package, making it a great way to celebrate a special occasion or to kick off a party in Las Vegas.

Even on a short vacation to Las Vegas, there is likely time to squeeze in a Vegas Strip helicopter tour at night. A night flight doesn't have to cut much into other Vegas entertainment plans, because the trips can vary in length depending on the company. Even a quick flight of less than ten minutes in the air will still get you gorgeous views all along the Strip, and put the whole door-to-door trip at about an hour an a half.

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