Ooh La La Paris

Ooh La La has finished its run at The Anthony Cools Experience. For other adult shows, you might consider Rio Red Light, or you can see our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Adult Show

The Anthony Cools Experience (located in Paris Las Vegas)
3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description:
When it comes to the variety of Las Vegas shows, there really is something for everyone and for every mood, but what would Las Vegas be without that certain edge of hedonism? Well, it doesn't appear that the edge is going anywhere anytime soon. After all, when promos for your city often attach the adage of, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", you get the idea that there is a sufficient amount of raciness always present in Sin City. Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World...you dream it up, they likely have it. There are Las Vegas shows that you can take the kids to, and there are Las Vegas shows that are strictly reserved for adults. Among the adult Las Vegas shows that people are talking about is Ooh La La.

Ooh La La, is a befitting name for a topless revue that is performed at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino. The French have long been associated with sexiness, after all, and the name Ooh La La capitalizes on perhaps the sexiest French saying there is. When you nab a pair of Ooh La La tickets, you are in for a sultry show, but there's more to it than just the nudity. Yes, the women are gorgeous, but they are also very talented, and when you see the Las Vegas Ooh La La show, you get a bit of everything all at once. Surely, the first thing you will notice at the Las Vegas Ooh La La show is just how sexy the women are. The Anthony Cools Experience showroom houses this racy variety show, and there are only around 300 seats in the venue. Void of any real dressing rooms, as the theater opens its doors to patrons, the somewhat dressed performers stretch on stage and take care of any other warm-up routines. Once these warm-ups are complete and everyone is in their seats, the hour-long real show begins, and it's sure to impress on various levels.

The Ooh La La Paris hotel and casino show is surely aimed at the men in the crowd, who will almost assuredly appreciate the 5 beautiful dancers who make up the Ooh La La cast. They will likely also appreciate the female stage hands, who just happen to be wearing French maid outfits. But women, fret not, because the show will entertain you as well, as these performers and their unique performances keep the interest level up. The sexy cast members of Ooh La La Paris all are unique when it comes to style, personality and look. Singers, dancers, magicians and aerialists are some of the words that describe these lovely ladies, but who would think that they were comedians of a sort as well? There certainly is an element of comedy to the show, perhaps to keep the heat of the performance from ultimately boiling over. Among the acts you can expect at the Las Vegas Ooh La La show are the comedy bits, which are strewn amongst sexy stripteases, body painting sessions, a bondage scene and a fashion show. As for the fashion show, the outfits are skimpy, and you wonder if it's about fashion at all. Maybe just a bit.

Each of the talented, and sexy, women of the Ooh La La Paris show have the chance to impress the audience with their own featured solo performances. These range from magic acts, to acrobatics, and a lot in-between. A topless revue, yes, but a quality variety show as well, the Ooh La La Paris show is bound to incite some playfulness to your relationship, provided you go with your sweetheart. You'll just have to grab some Ooh La La tickets to really see what it's all about. If nothing else, it will surely have you talking. Fans of this show might also consider seeing the hypnosis show of its producer, Anthony Cools. Not for the timid and shy, it's a hypnotic experience like no other. If it's something a bit less provocative that you are looking for when it comes to the Paris Las Vegas shows, you might consider seeing The Producers.

You can order Ooh La La tickets online. The Las Vegas Ooh La La show is performed nightly, except on Wednesdays, with show times at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. This show certainly adds some extra heat to the Nevada desert.

Artist Biography:

The Ooh La La show comes from the mind of its producer, Anthony Cools, whose name appears on the small, intimate venue in which the show is performed. Born in Calgary, Canada, Cools always had an obsession with hypnosis. His feature show at the Paris Las Vegas involves his uncensored brand of hypnotism, in which willing audience participants are made to do some pretty racy stuff. In fact, much of it is so racy that it would be unfit to print here. While these participants are put in some pretty odd situations, and made to do some comically obscene things, Cools insists that he is dedicated to not embarrassing anyone. Seems hard to believe, but so is his story, and after all, his subjects do volunteer. Cools was a film and television major in college, and for a while he worked as a nightclub manager. During this time, he decided that he wanted to learn all he could about hypnosis. He would go on to help thousands of people overcome phobias, lose weight and stop smoking. In 1994, he decided to try to bring more people into his nightclub with a comedy hypnosis experiment. The rest, as they say, is history, and Cools has amassed a sort of cult following since then. Ooh La La is Cools' idea of a topless variety show revue that includes some actual talent.

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