Penn and Teller Las Vegas

Show Type:
Magic Show

Penn & Teller Theater (located in Rio Las Vegas)
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Penn and Teller
Penn and Teller

Show Description:
If a magic show is what you are looking for on your Las Vegas vacation, you can't go wrong with Rio Resort and Casino's Penn and Teller Las Vegas show. You have likely seen Penn and Teller performing their unique brand of magic and myth debunking on television over the past two decades, or perhaps you caught their show during its run on Broadway. If you don't know who Penn and Teller are, you will want to see the Penn and Teller Vegas headliners anyways. The show has something for everyone. It is comedic, mystifying and magical all at once.

Both edgy and witty, the Penn and Teller Las Vegas show displays the magician-comedians at their best. Over the years, they have no doubt figured out how to entertain a crowd, regardless of its makeup, and you can expect to see more of the brilliance that made them who they are today. Breaking a few sacred rules of magic, such as revealing how certain tricks are done, is all part of the Penn and Teller Vegas show. What sets Penn and Teller apart from the other Las Vegas magic shows is their somehow perfect chemistry. Teller, as you may know, doesn't say much, if anything during the performance. Penn, however, is a storyteller throughout, adding a comedic narration to what you are witnessing. The show has plenty of gory moments, at least you think they are gory. Faux knife-throwing scenes will have you chuckling, while the more macabre performances will have you squirming. Watch Penn juggle broken bottles and fire, or witness Teller apparently swallow some sewing needles, only to pull them out of his throat all neatly tied to a string. The Penn and Teller Las Vegas show, as did their shows in the past, depends on a certain amount of audience participation, so just might be selected. But don't worry, the haven't killed anyone....yet.

The Penn and Teller Vegas show originally appeared at Bally's and then the MGM Grand before making its move to the Rio in 2001. A production quite unlike any other that you will find in Vegas, the Penn and Teller show is well worth giving a go. Adding extra effect to the performance is the background music provided by Mike Jones. A talented jazz pianist, Jones heads "The Mike Jones Duo", which plays for the audience before the show begins. It's really a complete show you won't want to miss, so grab some Penn and Teller tickets and enjoy the show.

You can find Penn and Teller tickets for sale online, or you can pick them up at the Rio box office. The Penn and Teller Las Vegas show runs approximately 90 minutes and there is a bar inside the theater where you can have a drink or two before ducking into the auditorium. You will probably want to get your Penn and Teller tickets in advance, as the show is prone to sell out. You can find show times online when you order your tickets that way, or you can verify upcoming performances with the Rio Resort and Casino.

Artist Biography:

Penn and Teller began their more than 30-year career together back in the '70's, when a mutual friend of theirs decided to introduce them. With their former third teammate, the group performed as the "Asparagus Valley Cultural Society" in San Francisco. During that time, Penn and Teller were honing their skills as showmen, and to this day some of their original tricks still make the lineup. In and around 1985, Penn and Teller began to gain critical praise for their Off Broadway show. They also had a popular PBS special in the running, which won the pair an Emmy award. Eventually, they would take their show to Broadway, where beginning in 1987 they had two successful runs. From that point on, Penn and Teller could be seen on popular late night talk shows, daytime talk shows and even Saturday Night Live. Penn and Teller continued their upward movement and took their show on a series of national tours in the '90's. The guest spots on television shows continued, and now they have their own television show. Named "Bulls-t!", the show can be found on the Showtime Network. It has received six Emmy Award nominations for its original content. On the show, Penn and Teller examine the myths behind skeptics and psychics, and attempt to debunk alien abductions and mediums.

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