Pet Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

So you just can't leave Fluffy at home. Well, luckily for you, there are some pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas that allow you to bring your furry little friend along with you. Now you don't have to leave your pets in a kennel or pay a pet-sitter - they too can enjoy the excitement of Vegas, or at least the excitement of waiting around for you, as you enjoy Vegas.

There are not a wide range of pet friendly Las Vegas hotels, but there are enough to satisfy most travelers. If you want to stay at a strip hotel, you might have a problem: there are only two places you'll be able to store your pet. The highly rated Four Seasons, just south of Mandalay Bay.

The Four Seasons has a couple rules that need to be followed for them to accept your pet. First, it must be under 25 pounds (similar weight restrictions abound through pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas), and second, and more difficult, your pet must not be left unattended. There is, however, no additional pet fee for keeping your pet here.

When you are considering Las Vegas pet friendly hotels, make sure to check which pets are allowed - hotels such as La Quinta or Travelodge must be dogs or cats. Even if the pets are small or exotic, they will be turned away. So don't go trying to sneak your flying squirrels or 6 foot pythons into these establishments.

Another, technically, pet friendly Las Vegas strip hotel is Circus Circus. This is a technicality, however, since pets are not allowed inside the actual rooms or casino, but are restricted to the Circusland RV Park adjacent to the hotel. In fact, if you are looking to bring pets into the city, Las Vegas RV parks are a good bet. But if you don't happen to have a recreational vehicle handy, most Vegas motels allow reasonably sized pets (under 50 lbs) and charge only a deposit instead of a non-refundable fee. The relative lack of popularity of these motels also means that they are much easier to book than the Las Vegas pet friendly hotels, too.

Overall, the majority of pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas are the lower grade airport hotels. Howard Johnson Inn and Amerisuites both allow dogs and cats of all kinds for a small deposit, as does every Best Western within city limits.

For those who want high class pet friendly Las Vegas hotels would do good to look at off-strip wonders such as the Green Valley Ranch and the Red Rock Resort and Spa. As long as they are under the 30 pound weight limit and you don't mind paying a little extra to accommodate your trusted pet, these lodgings are perfect for you.

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