Phantom Of The Opera Las Vegas

The long-running Phantom of the Opera show has closed. For other great performances, you might consider any Cirque du Soleil show, or check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Production Show

Phantom Theatre
Venetian Hotel
3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

One of the most famous and well-loved musicals of all time, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera gets new life in the city of lights. Within a theater completed especially for this show's production, the interior constructed to resemble the beautiful Parisian theaters of the past, the Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas production is an amazing experience.

Bright fans will notice that the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas has a slightly altered name. Transporting the famed fairy tale to the stage of Sin City required some slight changes in the show's famed script. None other than Webber himself was called in to make the alterations, trimming some unwanted exposition and other middling dialogue in order to streamline the show for Vegas audiences. While purists might decry the clippers being taken to the original story, the Las Vegas Phantom of the Opera moves along at a brisk pace, involving the audience immediately and never letting go. Whether or not you have seen the touring production of the show, seeing the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas takes the show to new heights, as you would expect from a version that cost over $40 million to recreate.

The Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas loses nothing in story - it is still the haunted tale of a eccentric and disfigured man whose all-consuming desire for a young opera singer named Christine fuels the plot. The story is told just as dynamically through the famed soundtrack (which has gone untouched, despite the rest of the show's cropping), as show stoppers like "Music of the Night" and the title track swirl in the darkened theater.

The rigors and demand of the Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas forced producers to cast each of the main roles with two singers. But each of the players that embody the characters of the Phantom and Christine do so with such depth and grace, it doesn't matter which cast you see. Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas can be seen in the Venetian at 7 pm, while Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays feature dual shows - at 7 and 10 pm on Tuesday, 6 and 9 pm on Saturday and 5 and 8 pm on Sunday.

Show Biography

Based on the French novel by Gaston Leroux, which was written as a serialization in 1909 and 1910, the story gained its greatest fame when it was adapted into Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical some 75 years later. Already the longest running Broadway show in musical history, the story has also been made into numerous movies and even a television miniseries, further proclaiming the show as one the greatest artistic successes in history. The Las Vegas Phantom of the Opera follows closely at the heels of the musical adaptation, bringing the famed story to a new audience, many of whom have never made the trip to New York to see the original portrayal.

Playing the part of the Phantom is not easy, but long-time Broadway performer Brent Barrett and Tony Award-winning Anthony Crivello make it seem so. The Las Vegas Phantom of the Opera also stars Elizabeth Loyacano and Sierra Boggess as the pivotal role of Christine.

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