Purple Reign

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Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Purple Reign
Purple Reign

Purple Reign is a fabulous tribute show at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino that is an amazing show whether you are a long-time Prince fan or just want to see some of the best impersonators in Vegas. For many, Prince needs no introduction. He is a multi-talented performer, known first and foremost for his music career. Prince has been hailed as one of the most commercially successful pop musicians of the last twenty years, and has produced 10 platinum albums and 30 Top 40 singles. During the period of 1993 to 2000, he was known under an unpronounceable symbol, leading to him being referred to in the media as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. His work is critically acclaimed, and he has won seven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. His music has taken inspiration from a wide range of genres, including rap, blues, rock, soul, R&B, jazz and hip-hop. His most famous songs include "When Doves Cry," "For You," and "Purple Rain," for which song the tribute act Purple Reign is named after.

Audiences can expect all the raw power and energy that made Prince a global superstar. But this Las Vegas Prince Tribute doesn’t rely on its Prince impersonator alone. The Purple Reign Planet Hollywood show has a great cast of dancers, singers, and musicians that recreate the spirit of Prince concerts through the decades. Whichever Prince era is your favorite, Purple Reign Hooters is sure to play some of your favorite Prince songs. Even those who aren’t die-hard Prince fans will find it difficult not to enjoy the high-paced mix of blues, rock and pop, and more. Prince’s influences are so far reaching, that whether you’re into hip-hop, jazz, or rock, there’s likely to be songs in this show for you.

The Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino is a great venue for a Las Vegas Prince tribute show. Purple Reign Hooters combines the energy and fun of the number one Prince Tribute act in the US, with the laid-back atmosphere associated with the Planet Hollywood brand.

Artist Biography

Purple Reign has shed its humble beginnings, when it was performed in small college clubs, to slowly win recognition and become the number one Las Vegas Prince Tribute act that it is today. The show was launched into the spotlight in 2008, when the group became the first ever tribute act to be invited onto the Late Show with David Letterman, an appearance that did wonders for its popularity all over America. It was then chosen to ring in the New Year, and was aired on January 1, 2009. Later in 2009, Purple Reign won the Las Vegas Review Journal Poll’s Best Tribute Act award. Today, the show is at the peak of its prowess, and its home at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino has brought in a new era, where the show is only getting stronger.

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