Las Vegas Race Car Driving School

Las Vegas race car driving school allows visitors to try their hand at racing and satisfy a hunger for speed, whether they’re riding shotgun or driving solo. This Vegas race car school offers two types of racing options, stock car and open wheel. While everyone is welcome to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, reservations for racing lessons and encounters are an absolute necessity. When planning your trip to Las Vegas, be sure to include the Vegas Racing School on your list of things to do during your vacation if you’re looking for a particularly memorable experience.

Gambling and fancy lights are generally the main focus of Las Vegas attractions; however, there are some experiences that can be much more thrilling than trying to hit the jackpot or strolling along the boulevard. Testing your abilities at top speed, for instance, may be just the thing to celebrate your trip and get your heart beating fast. The Vegas race car school offers just such experiences, whether you choose to take the wheel or remain in the passenger seat.

The Vegas Racing School gives patrons the opportunity to choose between stock car and open wheel racing. Six packages are offered with the stock car selection, from three laps riding with a pro, to taking the wheel and going solo to 80 laps flying around the master track. For those who prefer to go with Indy-style, open wheel racing offers six packages as well, including riding six laps with a pro at speeds of 145 mph, or riding solo anywhere from 6 to 66 laps around the speedway. Each of the solo packages at the Las Vegas race car driving school requires instruction and hands-on training before you’re allowed to drive yourself; the training is included with each package.

As with any experience, especially when involving something as delicate as driving, rules and regulations come with each package deal. Be sure to dress comfortably and wear shoes appropriate for driving; tennis shoes are the recommended type. Eating before the experience should be limited to a light snack. Friends, family, cameras, and video recordings are quite welcome during your racing experience at the Las Vegas race car driving school; however, pictures and recordings should be limited to before the actual racing experience—you will not be permitted to snap any photos during your racing experience, as it may be extremely dangerous.

While almost everyone is welcome to enjoy this experience, there are restrictions of age, height, and weight due to the possible risk involved and the abilities of the vehicle. Patrons must be at least 18 years and hold a valid driver’s license. In addition, all drivers and passengers of the Vegas race car school must be no taller than 6’5” and must weigh less than 275 lbs.

From zero to 200 mph, the Vegas Racing School is the perfect place to test your abilities at top speed. If you have ever longed for the G forces to nail you into the driver’s seat (or passenger seat), the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Racing School is the place to be to snatch up those fast memories.

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