Rick Thomas Las Vegas

Sorry, Rick Thomas' Las Vegas magic show has closed. Check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Description:
Magic Show

SLS Las Vegas
2535 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description:

Rick Thomas Las Vegas is a real old-school magic show experience. Thomas is famed for celebrating Las Vegas glam, and the Rick Thomas at SLS Las Vegas show is no different. Audiences can expect Las Vegas showgirls, exotic animals, and plenty of astonishing visual effects. His Bengal Tigers are one of the main attractions of the show. Thomas's passion for wild creatures is clear from the show, and audiences can prepare to be astonished as he makes these majestic beasts vanish before their eyes. His signature illusion is to shrink a 500-pound royal white Bengal tiger into a cuddly cub. He also uses other animals, such as exotic birds, in his show. Another of his most well-known illusions is to levitate a showgirl high above the stage and make her disappear. Although he is also a master of slight-of-hand tricks, Rick Thomas Las Vegas shows are all about big effects. This Vegas Magic Show certainly doesn't do subtle. If you like big, in-your-face magical illusions, mixed with flamboyant fun and comedy, than you're likely to enjoy Rick Thomas at SLS Las Vegas.

Thomas is a Vegas veteran, and is not very well known outside of Nevada. He does not have the decades of experience that make Amazing Kreskin shows unbeatable, and has not had the same kind of media attention that magicians like Nathan Burton have enjoyed. Due to his modest reputation outside Vegas, audiences tend to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of a Rick Thomas Vegas magic show, and grateful for the reasonable price of the tickets.

Before opening his latest Rick Thomas Las Vegas show, the magician was known for his afternoon shows at the Tropicana. Now, he has switched to evening performances at SLS Las Vegas from Tuesday through Sunday. He also does matinee performances on Saturdays and Sundays. The Rick Thomas at SLS Las Vegas show is a good treat for families, as children will be delighted by the tigers, while adults can enjoy Thomas's practiced showmanship and comic timing, as he performs an impressive variety of fantastic magical illusions. The SLS Las Vegas is close to other hotel and casinos on the Strip, including Circus Circus and the Stratosphere.

Artist Biography:

Rick Thomas was born in Long Beach, California. His family was active in the ballroom dancing arena, and at the early age of five, Thomas was teamed with his sister in ballroom dance competitions. At seven, he turned away from dance to magic, after being awed by a magic performance. By his early teens, he was performing magic in his very own shows. He developed his act on cruises, and performed on more than 200 cruise ships while honing his craft. He then traveled to Asia, where he began developing the show that we know today, with beautiful dancers, exotic birds, and Royal Bengal tigers. He then brought back what he had learned from Asia to Nevada. Rick Thomas Las Vegas shows have become known for original illusions and use of exotic animals. Rick has performed for the last ten years in Las Vegas, and his latest Vegas magic show, at the SLS Las Vegas, opened in 2009.

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