Rita Rudner Las Vegas

The long-running Rita Rudner show has closed. For other great performances, you might consider any Cirque du Soleil show, or check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Comedy Show

The Theater
3475 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

Rita Rudner has taken her everywoman style comedy to the bright lights of the Venetian Las Vegas. For years she was one of the most underrated comediennes on the circuit, always generating big laughs on television and movie appearances while keeping a relatively low profile. But that has all changed since she moved her act - Rita Rudner in Las Vegas is the crest of her extensive career, a combination of the jokes that have garnered her so much praise through the years and topical and hilarious new material. Really, the Las Vegas Rita Rudner is exactly what you'd expect, all expert timing and dry wit.

Rita Rudner in Las Vegas has become the best selling Las Vegas show the city has ever seen, as far as comedy goes, and her visage is plastered across billboards, snippets of her routine play on loop on various large screen televisions around town - just in case you forget. And if happen to pony up the $60 you need to see her show, you probably won't.

The Rita Rudner Las Vegas show lasts a little over an hour, but still manages to cover hundreds of topics, all approached in the conversational manner beneath the sheen of self-deprecation that has long been her signature style. One of the most well-respected comediennes in the business, the Rita Rudner Las Vegas show will hammer home exactly why - 75 minutes of nonstop laughter that is the perfect addition to a stop in Sin City. She doesn't have set weekly dates, so you should probably check ahead if you are planning on seeing Rita Rudner in Las Vegas, though she manages to skip most weekend dates.

Artist Biography

The accomplished comedienne had collected a plethora of awards and praise before she even stepped foot in Harrah's theater. And her Rita Rudner Las Vegas show just adds another chapter to her already impressive career.

A longtime HBO veteran, her many solo specials on the cable channel have always gathered high ratings. "'Rita Rudner's One Night Stand,' was nominated for two Ace Awards, and was quickly followed by 'Born to Be Mild' and 'Married Without Children,' which met with equal success.

Not happy with just conquering one medium, she is also author of two best-selling books, 'Naked Beneath My Clothes' and 'Rita Rudner's Guide to Men,' and the critically acclaimed novel "Tickled Pink."

She also has a number of movie appearances under her belt, along with a handful of television and movie scripts with her long time collaborator/husband Martin. Her versatility has served her well, and her Rita Rudner Las Vegas show is just another facet of her career she has effortlessly mastered.

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