Las Vegas RV Parks

Most travelers to Las Vegas couldn't find one on the map - and they're definitely the first thing you think of when it comes to accommodations in Sin City, but RV parks in Las Vegas are quite prevalent around the city casinos, especially near the outskirts of the city or connected to off-strip hotels. Most options include over 100 hookups, laundry, showers, a pool and often free shuttles to the strip. Whether it's on your own or as part of a caravan, RV parks in Las Vegas cater to the tourist like few other cities.

If you are looking for extensive Las Vegas RV parks near the strip, you're low on options - the only one you'll find is the Circusland RV Park underneath, you guessed it, Circus Circus. With almost 400 hookups available, and even a Jacuzzi, Circusland is often the most packed of the RV parks in Las Vegas. If the southern side of the strip is more your style, you can stay at the Golden Mobile Manor. Though not the top of the line when it comes to the city's campgrounds, its location renders the park's drawbacks moot. The Bond Trailer Lodge is also near the south end of the strip, though the park's namesake would likely prefer Caesars or the Mirage.

The off-strip casinos are really where it's at, if you are an RV owner. Both Arizona Charlie's and Sam's Town have parks actually attached to the casino property, and thus bring in a large portion of travelers seeking out Las Vegas RV parks. Equipped with all the amenities available to RV parks, including essentials like pet runs, laundry service and showers, Sam's Town had to add a second property just a block away to provide for the overrun that its first RV park habitually generated. It was just that popular to Sams Town guests. Boulder Highway, where both parks are located, has a number of other options, from the King's Row to the Road Runner, two other options that will make sure your stay in Las Vegas is a great one.

Downtown hotels are often within walking distance of RV parks in Las Vegas. The Western is one of the most popular when it comes to the Fremont area. The northern edge of town has a number of RV parks also, though the location could be better. No one's coming to town to hang out on the north side of Las Vegas.

The best of the Las Vegas RV parks, however, is the Oasis Las Vegas RV park. Throw out anything you think you know about RV parks, because this one goes above and beyond anything you'd expect - from the perfectly manicured sites to the golf course attached, to the beautiful pool complete with waterfalls and drink service, not to mention a spa and restaurant - the Oasis is the jewel of the RV parks in Las Vegas. And for around $40 a night, you can experience all this, plus take advantage of the free trolley over to the strip at just about any time.

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