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The Scintas have ended their run of shows at the Sahara. For another entertaining Vegas show, you might consider Donny and Marie or Barry Manilow, or take a look at our full list of Las Vegas shows.

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The Las Vegas Scintas might be one of the city's better kept secrets.Though they perform just as rigorously as most Vegas acts, their peculiar mixture of comedy, music and impressions seems to fall to the wayside when considering most Las Vegas shows.Which is a shame because the Scintas Las Vegas shows always seem to bring the house down, the crowd piling out into the Vegas night with a giant smile plastered across their respective faces.  Despite the relative lack of recognition, the Las Vegas Scintas show still managed to be named one of the top 5 shows in the city last year.

The show revolves around family.There are no surprises with this team, even the "Scinta of a different name," Peter O'Donnell, appear as if they have been inseparable since birth.Mixing in humorous anecdotes from their youth in upstate New York with duets and cover songs to liven the mood, the Scintas Las Vegas show is a consistent winner with most tourists.

The musical numbers during the show come from all angles, though the Scintas Las Vegas show habitually plays it safe with their cover songs, from Neil Diamond to Billy Joel to Dean Martin - they even throw in a song by their fellow Vegas performer Celine Dion into the set - but that is another of the selling points to this show: there is no edge, no debauched Vegas Vibe, nothing like that.It's good, wholesome fun - even when it gets a bit risqué (like during the Tom Jones impression), the Scintas show Vegas can be a great time without moving too far towards an R rating.They might get a PG-13.If they're lucky.

The Las Vegas Scintas show winds down at the 100 minute mark with a tribute to veterans and other armed force members - a slight change from the rest of the show, but their version of Ray Charles' "America The Beautiful" is somber and pitch perfect.

You can catch the Scintas Show Vegas each day at 7pm, excluding Sundays.

Artist Biography

The three Scintas - Joe, Frank and Chrissi - along with Peter O'Donnell, grew up in Buffalo, New York.The first version of what would become the Scintas show Vegas was in a bar owned by ESPN commentator Paul McGuire.Here, Joe and Frank began working their magic at the piano, singing popular songs and cracking a joke here and there to keep the audience entertained.When youngest sister Chrissi started joining them on stage, the act was set.All they were missing was a reliable drummer, so Peter joined the group.They eventually moved their popular act to Las Vegas, where they continue to perform to both distinguished guests and crowds of tourists with equal aplomb.

The years of practice were somewhat unnecessary, though - having grown up together, the Scintas never miss a beat, and it shows during their extended numbers.Each member brings something tangible and absolutely necessary to the show, and the combination continues to serve them well at the Sahara Theater.

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