Las Vegas Sky Diving

Las Vegas is all about taking chances, freedom, risk versus reward. The freewheeling atmosphere - not to mention the picturesque sites of the desert from 10,000 feet - make sky diving one of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas. While you can jump out of a plane nearly anywhere in the country, there's a reason that the Las Vegas sky diving companies make plenty of money - nowhere is the sheer magnitude of the city more apparent than when you can see the sharp contrast between the glitzy casinos and the barren desert that surrounds the city.

You can't really do your sky diving in Las Vegas. Every Las Vegas sky diving company operates just outside the city, usually a 20 or 30 minute drive. Not to worry, though - each one offers pick up and return to your hotel. It's all included in the price, anyway, which will usually run you around $200. It differs depending on whether or not you require an instructor to jump along with you, but the majority of those on a Las Vegas sky diving adventure are first time jumpers.

And what better place to first see the world from two miles in the air. The mountains, desert and the glittering casinos combine to make sky diving in Las Vegas one of the most unique (and certainly the most exhilarating) ways to see this pocket of America. You will rarely have to cancel an excursion due to bad weather, too, which is a bonus for anyone who has tried to jump at less-ideal locations. Though there are few restrictions on who can participate in these jumps, there are a few - you have to be 18, with a valid form of ID, and under 250 pounds. If you satisfy these simple criteria, nothing will stop you from throwing yourself out of a plane. Skydive Las Vegas and Vegas Extreme Skydiving are the two main companies that operate nearby the city.

For those that want to feel the thrill of skydiving without the fear of a faulty parachute, one of the fastest growing tourist attractions in the city is indoor sky diving. Though you are devoid of the spectacular views, indoor sky diving in Vegas is far more convenient and less dramatic than actually jumping out of a plane. The only company offering indoor sky diving in Las Vegas is called Flyaway, and is located just off the strip, on Convention Center Drive, not too far from the soon to be Resorts World. Significantly less expensive than "real" sky diving, at only $70 a jump, indoor sky diving in Las Vegas is often preferable to the real thing. Another main difference, however, is that the vertical wind tunnel used in indoor sky diving in Vegas can only replicate the feeling of freefall - not the succeeding canopy ride that many jumpers feel is an integral piece of the jumping experience. The simulated freefall does last longer than when you jump out of a plane - outdoors, this period last approximately 60 seconds, whereas with indoor sky diving it last upwards of three minutes.

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