Stratosphere Sky Jump

The Stratosphere Sky Jump offers an exhilarating experience of diving off the edge of the tower down toward the Strip from about 855 feet in the air. While visitors to this hotel can gain all-day access to the tower and rides for a set price, the Stratosphere bungee jump does come at an added cost for those who are brave enough to strap in and allow themselves to plummet. Jumpers can choose from several different packages for the Sky Jump in Vegas, from a basic jump to a documented experience. Whether you choose to simply let yourself fall from the edge of the Stratosphere or to create a video to remember the experience, the free falling encounter on the Sky Jump in Vegas is sure to be one of the most memorable and exciting things to do in Las Vegas.

Stratosphere SkyJump
Stratosphere SkyJump

While at first glance the name Stratosphere Sky Jump may bring up images of a jumper flying at top speed from the top of the highest building in Las Vegas, the jump is actually a controlled drop over the Strip. As if the existing Big Shot, shooting up at 45 miles per hour; X-Scream, teetering over the edge of the tower; and the Insanity, spinning at 3-Gs dangling over the side of the building, were not thrilling enough, the Stratosphere bungee jump has topped them all when it comes to exhilaration, with its heart-stopping drop and incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip and its landmark hotels and casinos.

There is a set fee for accessing the Stratosphere Tower itself, though discounts are available, and the rides add up on top of that, depending on how many you choose to do. There are a number of package options for the tower, however, with the most economical for those planning a day trip to the tower is the all-day pass, which allows unlimited entry and unlimited rides. Do keep in mind that this does not cover the Stratosphere Sky Jump, which comes at an additional fee of $100 in addition to what you may spend to get into the tower and if you choose to try the other rides.

Thrill-seekers can access the ride every day from noon to 7 pm, though these times may change as the popularity of the Stratosphere bungee jump increases, so if you’re planning a visit, it may be wise to call ahead and check the current schedule. Additionally, visitors can check the daily availability calendar of the ride on the official web site. Choosing the right package depends mainly on the desired memorabilia jumpers would like to bring home after the experience; the jump alone is $100, and supplementary items such as a personal DVD, a photo, and a T-shirt each add an additional cost to the base price.

Las Vegas bungee jumping has joined the list of thrilling experiences in the entertainment hub of America. Beyond spinning, hanging, and flying upward over the Stratosphere, the Sky Jump in Vegas has completed the range of motion atop the tallest building in Vegas. While the free-falling from this base is a controlled and safe ride for patrons, the experience of descending the 108-story building at increasing speed is still indescribably thrilling, and it’s sure to be unforgettable for any travelers who choose to—literally—take the plunge.

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