Stratosphere Rides

When it comes to Las Vegas, this city offers more thrills than you will find on the gambling floor or the nightclubs, and the Stratosphere Hotel is one of the best for heart-stopping action. Sin City is becoming increasingly known for death-defying rides that bring you higher and spin you faster than even amusement park rides; the Stratosphere rides are among the most famous and the best, so if you’re looking to shake things up during your vacation, climb aboard a ride at the Stratosphere Hotel and get ready for the adrenaline to start pumping.

There are four Stratosphere Las Vegas rides in total. The newest one might be the most adventurous one yet. This ride is called SkyJump , and offers the chance for visitors to Las Vegas to have a controlled free fall off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere hotel. This jump is actually the highest controlled free fall in the world, dropping more than 850 feet—brought to you by the Stratosphere Hotel.

The next option for Stratosphere rides is called Insanity. In this ride, a mechanical arm extends out from the edge of the hotel and spins passengers around at 900 feet over the Las Vegas Strip. This ride actually tilts so that you will be pointed straight down over the Las Vegas Strip at a frightening height. Another ride that makes use of heights is called X-Scream. This giant teeter-totter is suspended 866 feet about the ground; it’s a roller-coaster like thrill ride and is the world’s third-highest amusement park ride

The final option for Stratosphere Las Vegas rides is called Big Shot. Thrill seekers will climb aboard this roller coaster that propels you up, down, and all around the Las Vegas skyline. Unlike regular amusement parks that have one entry fee for all rides, visitors pay for these rides on an individual basis. However, if you love one of these rides, you can always pay to ride it again!

Image: Northfielder (flickr)
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